BUP Themes are the Baltic University Programme's focus areas. If you have some research or course materials you would like to share, please fill out the BUP Themes Form.

BUP Themes

The main aim is to develop each Theme as an information bank where BUP colleagues can collect material and also submit material. Materials useful for both research and educational activities

We start with the following Themes:

Our hope is that this will lead to more visibility and co-operation among researchers, teachers and students regarding exchange/mobility, common projects, and more success in funding and publications.

Researchers, teachers and students send your contribution to any of the themes. We welcome Education material, PowerPoint presentations, pedagogic materials etc.; Research papers, reports, book chapters and PhD thesis etc. Other materials e.g. newspaper articles, debate, reports from NGOs, businesses and municipalities are also welcome. Please use this form when submitting: BUP Themes.

To increase your visibility and thus also to facilitate research cooperations you may fill in this form for your Research profile with information used in the Researcher Presentations.