RESCUU Work Package 1

Teachers in the target group will be provided with training in distance education and education for sustainable development. With training in distance education, they can work online more effectively, which is especially important during the war, when meetings at the class are dangerous or impossible. Training in education for sustainable development will be especially useful during the restoration of Ukraine after the war.

This Work Package began in February 2023.

Work Package 1.1.

We are happy to announce the first event within the RESCUU project - the course aimed to assist Ukrainian teachers to conduct online education in difficult conditions.

The course named Designing and Delivering Distance and Blended Teaching and Learning for teaching staff in Ukraine will be organized by The Baltic University Programme and the Unit for Academic Teaching and Learning, Uppsala University.

Structure of the course

The course will be equivalent to 10 days (2 weeks/80 hours), distributed throughout March-June 2023.

Read the preliminary schedule and detailed course description.

Participants will receive a certificate of the course if they complete the course by active participation in at least 60 percent of the scheduled sessions and handing in the individual workbook. The certificate will state the course content, learning outcomes, and scope in working time.

The start date is 20 March 2023 and the final day is 15 June 2023. The course consists of twelve formal two-hour scheduled sessions, which will be arranged online via Zoom. The session content will be a mixture of presentations and collegial exchanges in a workshop or seminar format. The sessions will be recorded.

The course will have its dedicated website, provided by Uppsala University, to be used as a center for communication, to gather resources and as an inspiration for the participants for their development of learning management system.

Participants will compile a workbook, a course logbook, during the duration of the course. The workbook is the participant’s private material but should be handed in at end-of-course. Facilitators will provide feedback via the learning management system.

More information and contact

For more information about the course please contact Lyudmyla Babak via

Last modified: 2023-03-20