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Here you can read more about what is going on within the project RESCUU (Resilience of Education: Sustainability and Cooperation for Ukrainian Universities).

Project news

24-26 October 2023

Student teams from five BUP participating universities were immersed in the realm of startups and entrepreneurship thanks to the experts from project partner universities, who delivered a set of practical workshops to help students start their way to creating their own startup. This event was organised and hosted by National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”.

This Boot Camp was a part of one of the biggest events in Ukraine dedicated to innovations and start-ups – the Sikorsky Challenge Festival, thus, student teams got the chance to present their startup ideas to a large audience. Students’ projects have been evaluated by an international jury. What’s more, students have received expert comments concerning the further improvement of their projects to make those projects appealing to potential investors. 

Throughout October participants had consultations with Sikorsky Challenge experts to get better preparation to participate in the competition and present their projects for an international jury. During the bootcamp, project partners have carried out short workshops to aid boot campers in improving their startup ideas, in particular, such workshops were delivered by: Uppsala University, Poznan University of Technology, Åbo Akademi University, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Riga Technical University and Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

"We’re utterly happy for all our participants and, actually, each of them is a winner. They’ve gained valuable experience, immersed themselves into the atmosphere of a true competition of innovative and groundbreaking startup projects, and introduced themselves to the innovative community. Our boot campers are talented, creative, goal-oriented, open to broaden their horizons and conquer new peaks. We have no doubts that huge successes in the domain of innovative activity await them and we, on our part, are ready to foster this activity.” says Liudmyla Vlasiuk, one of the organizers at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. 

A group of students with diplomas

A group of students watching a presentation

27-29 September 2023

The first workshop within the course on Education for Sustainable Development was organised in Riga, Latvia, with the support of Riga Technical University.

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20 September 2023

As a part of the RESCUU-project nine Ukrainian teachers have been offered to, free of charge, enroll in the course on Education for Sustainable Development which is coordinated by Åbo Akademi University. Together with a group of international university teachers from BUP member countries the Ukrainian colleagues will deepen their knowledge in ESD and have the opportunity to develop their international contacts.

15 June 2023

We are happy that the first event within the RESCUU project - the course aimed to assist Ukrainian teachers to conduct online education in difficult conditions - has been conducted! Around 70 participants successfully finished the course and received the certificates.

The course named Designing and Delivering Distance and Blended Teaching and Learning for teaching staff in Ukraine was organized by The Baltic University Programme and the Unit for Academic Teaching and Learning, Uppsala University. We are grateful to course facilitators Geir Gunnlaugsson, Suzanne Pathkiller, and Mats Cullhed.

Between 20 March and 15 June Ukrainian university teachers met every week for twelve formal two-hour scheduled sessions, arranged online via Zoom. The session content was a mixture of presentations and collegial exchanges in a workshop or seminar format. 

All sessions were recorded so even those who were not able to join, could learn about the topics later. The course also has online space, provided by Uppsala University, which is used as a center for communication, and where all records and course materials are provided for teacher to use in the future.

The main task of participants was to compile a workbook, a course logbook, during the duration of the course. Those participants who coped with the task and handed in a workbook at end-of-course has received the feedback from facilitators and the certificate.

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Lyudmyla Babak, project coordiantor and Geir Gunnlaugsson, educational developer. Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

25-28 April 2023

Student teams from BUP participating universities in Ukraine took part in the Boot Camp for International Cooperation in Research and Innovation. During the event the participating students prepared project applications from their higher education institutions for the international competition. Experienced mentors assisted and worked with the teams. The purpose of the event was to prepare students to participate in research and innovation projects aimed at the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine.

Agenda for the Boot Camp.

Read more about the Boot Camp and the student project proposals.

View the Bootcamp through students' eyes (text in Ukrainian) on youtube.

Each student team consisted of 5 people.

Six of nine teams were at place at KPI. Luckily, no missiles attacks happened during the Bootcamp. So the students had possibility not only to gain knowledge and present their projects. They also had a chance to see Kyiv. Moreover, they had a great time meeting and entertaining with other students from host university as the students parliament from KPI was widely involved in the social part of organization.

All participants received a certificate of participation. Members of the winning team will be invited to the BUP Student Conference "Challenges of Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region because of the war in Ukraine", which will be held in April-May 2024 in Poznan, Poland. All expenses related to participation in this conference were covered by the RESCUU project.

This event was carried out with financial support from the Swedish Institute within the project Resilience of Education: Sustainability and Cooperation for Ukrainian Universities (RESCUU).

A student group sitting underneath a statue

A student group sitting on beanbags

Print screen from student boot campThe first PowerPoint-slide for the presentation of the boot camp

20 March 2023

The first meeting within the course Designing and Delivering Distance and Blended Teaching and Learning for teaching staff in Ukraine was held.

10 February 2023

Applications open for the first event within Work Package 1. This is the course aimed to assist Ukrainian teachers to conduct online education in difficult conditions begins.

The course named Designing and Delivering Distance and Blended Teaching and Learning for teaching staff in Ukraine will be organized by The Baltic University Programme and the Unit for Academic Teaching and Learning, Uppsala University. Read more about the course.

9 January 2023

The project began with a kick off meeting that took place online via Zoom. During the meeting many of the colleagues that are a part of the project participated.

A digital meeting via Zoom.A slide in a PowerPoint presentation.

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