RESCUU (Resilience of Education: Sustainability and Cooperation for Ukrainian Universities)

Several BUP partners have received financing and will work with this project that is aimed at contributing to the resilience of wartime Ukraine’s educational institutions and will support Ukrainian teachers, students and researchers who remain in Ukraine and work or study at Ukrainian universities. The project period is January 2023 – June 2024. This project is led by the Coordinating Secretariat at Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.

This project will provide several events, both online and physical, aimed at the target groups mentioned above. The content of the events will be focused on knowledge and experiences needed to overcome the consequences of the war, as well as problems of sustainability in connection to the war in terms of social life, environment etc.

We believe that by participating in international events within the framework of the project, teachers and students will receive support from their international peers and colleagues, they will establish contacts for collaboration with universities in the Baltic Sea Region. The aim of the project is to help colleagues and students to be prepared to take an active role in post-war reconstruction. 

Project partners

  • Uppsala University/Unit for Academic Teaching and Learning, Uppsala, Sweden
  • The National Technical University of Ukraine ‘Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute’, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • The National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Poznan University of Technology, Poznan, Poland

Associated partner is the BUP Associated Secretariat at Åbo Akademi University, Åbo, Finland

Project news

Logo of RESCUU
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Questions and more information

For questions and more information regarding this project please contact Project coordinator Lyudmyla Babak via

Last modified: 2023-02-10