Quality Assurance at participating universities

This project had a focus on Quality Assurance (QA) and received strong impetus from BUP participating universities including the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra and Riga Technical University. The project has involved an appraisal of QA at BUP participating universities, two surveys, discussion at a Rectors' Conference and a number of reports and proposals. In the future, the BUP may return to its work with Quality Assurance. 

Survey at participating universities

The project has begun by conducting an initial survey relating to QA amongst BUP participating universities. This revealed how QA is dealt with in the BUP region and potential areas that we can focus on. This is currently being followed up with a more in-depth survey that specifically investigates a number of key BUP concepts including Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and internationalisation.

Universities role in the work with sustainable development

This project is concerned with the Quality Assurance processes within higher education at universities within the Baltic Sea Region. This includes themes such as Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), student and staff engagement, and internationalisation. Through international cooperation and knowledge exchange, BUP partners aim to both investigate current use, as well as, ambitions of QA in the Baltic Sea Region. This platform has a clear purpose; to promote educational quality cultures, provide opportunities for sharing best practices amongst each other and to increase collaboration relating to quality issues. Higher Education Institutions and universities have an important role to play in promoting and improving quality issues for the benefit of staff, students and the wider society. This enables universities to tackle not only current challenges but also future ones for sustainability. Much like other BUP projects, which focuses on bringing together the knowledge of colleagues, this platform looks to contribute unique regional perspectives and ideas regarding Quality Assurance.

Further information and documents

For more information about how the BUP is working alongside QA as well as some general information about QA, please see the following documents:

Read presentation with statistics regarding survey focusing on QA.

Read report regarding QA at the BUP.

Read briefing proposal regarding QA.

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Last modified: 2024-02-29