Project period September 2018 – October 2019

Swedesd Statera BUP

Re-thinking of pedagogy for implementing education for sustainable development in the Baltic University Programme countries.

Content and learning process is designed and implemented by SWEDESD, the project is coordinated and administrated by the Baltic University Programme at Uppsala University, with financial support from the Swedish Institute.

The SWEDESD Change project Approach will be used for the EduBUP project. The approach consists of several phases: Preparatory Phase in which participants develop a pre-course assignment which highlights what needs to be changed; The First Regional Workshop (Workshop 1) during which the project groups and projects titles are defined; Intermediate Consolidation Phase when participants work on the projects at their respective universities; and The Second Regional Workshop (Workshop 2) when the reports on the project progress are to be presented and peer reviewed.

Participants will need to allocate certain time for taking part in two workshops and working with the projects. We estimate that full participation in the course would be equal to 10 working days including wirkshops 1 and 2. After successful participation in the whole course the certificate confirming participating in 10-day course will be awarded.

Project phases and timeline

  1. Preparatory Phase
    December 2018 - January 2019
    reparation of the pre-course assignment
  2. The First Regional Workshop (Workshop 1)
    28-30 January 2019
    Tallinn, Estonia
  3. Intermediate Consolidation Phase
    February - August 2019
    Participants working at their respective universities
  4. The Second Regional Workshop (Workshop 2)
    8 - 11 October, 2019
    Grodno, Belarus

The first workshop within EduBUP project

In the end of January in snowy Tallinn the first workshop within EduBUP project was organized in Estonia. The group of teachers and mentors from the BUP member universities gathered to start up what is called “Change project”. The participants of the 17 project groups presented their ambitions project plans and ideas what they would like to change at their respective universities. And this is just the beginning – they will work hard and meet to follow up and present the results in some months. We wish them luck and fruitful work!

The content of the workshop was presented by the joined work of SWEDESD at Uppsala University and STATERA in Estonia. BUP thanks to our partner organizations and their representatives Dr. Shepherd Urenje and Dr. Rea Raus for preparing the workshop.

Besides the project itself the participants appreciated the possibility to meet and establish contacts with the colleagues from the Baltic Sea region countries, to acquire new knowledge and inspiration for future local work.

No workshop will be successful without practical arrangements. The accommodation and venue was chosen by BUP Center Director in Estonia Prof. Tatjana Polajeva, representing Euroacademy. The participants were grateful for her professionalism and hospitality, as well as for the wonderful guided tour around Tallinn Old City, which will stay in mind for a long time.

The second workshop of the EduBUP project

The EduBUP project came to the end when the working groups met and presented their results during the second regional workshop organized in Grodno, Belarus, 8-11 October 2019. Since there was much time for the development of ideas between the two meetings all the projects were well elaborated and ready for implementation. During the Edu BUP project run the participants met experts in the field of Education of Sustainable Development as well as they shared their knowledge and ideas, experience and obstacles in implementing CHANGE in their work. The topic of integrating relevant content related to the Sustainable Development Goals into their curriculum was one of the central. The participants looked at the educational content in the context of 21st century policies and needs. They discussed the teaching competences and use of transformative learning methods. The project groups also trained in monitoring, evaluating and scaling their own project for impact.

The workshop was hosted and successfully organized by Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, Belarus. We are grateful to the leadership of the university and to the enthusiastic group of organizers for the engagement. And for the opportunity to visit Belarus and see the historical town of Grodno while implementing the EduBUP project.

The results of the EduBUP are the projects that have been developed by the groups. We hope that these interesting and new ideas will be implement at respective universities. See also some photos from the workshop.


  1. SWEDESD, Sweden – main partner
  2. Statera - Research and Practice Centre for Sustainability and Regional Development, Estonia
  3. University of Latvia, Latvia
  4. Chernihiv National Technical University, Ukraine
  5. Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics, Russia
  6. Minsk Branch of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Russia-Belarus
  7. Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. Ukraine
  8. Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, Belarus
  9. Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine
  10. Lodz University of Technology, Poland

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