BUP Projects

The Baltic University Programme initiate, coordinate and participate in transdisciplinary projects as a way of supporting the creation of strong educational and research communities. We have four on-going projects:

  • Quality Assurance at participating universities
  • Sustainability at participating universities
  • RESCUU (Resilience of Education: Sustainability and Cooperation for Ukrainian Universities)

We also share information on our finished projects:

Quality Assurance at participating universities

This project has a focus on Quality Assurance (QA) and has received strong impetus from BUP participating universities including the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra and Riga Technical University. The aim of the project is to result in a platform in QA for BUP participating universities. 

Read more about the project Quality Assurance at participating universities.

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Sustainability at participating universities

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The BUP is placing a focus on sustainability and the associated goals through investigating practices at our participating universities, we can contribute to facing the complex challenges that lie ahead. Sustainability challenges are often embedded in different systems with different contexts, scales and locations. In this way, the BUP is uniquely positioned to consider sustainability.

Read more about Sustainability at participating universities.

RESCUU (Resilience of Education: Sustainability and Cooperation for Ukrainian Universities)

This project is aimed at contributing to the resilience of wartime Ukraine’s educational institutions and will support Ukrainian teachers, students and researchers who remain in Ukraine and work or study at Ukrainian universities.

The project activities will be open for the students and teachers at all BUP participating universities in Ukraine. 

More information about RESCUU.

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Digital at home

The project deal with Internationalization of higher education, aiming at rethinking the concept of internalization and how it is being conducted in education at universities. The project touch upon the concept of Internationalization at Home, Internationalization of Learning and Teaching, and Virtual Exchange with the main focus on enhancing the digitalization of education. 

More information about Digital at home


BSRCCC is short for Baltic Sea Region Climate Change Curriculum. The project aim is to develop a course module with teaching materials focusing on the climate change in the Baltic Sea Region. The course module will be available online.

More information about BSRCCC

Two steps: Internationalization in practice

The project aim is to strengthen internationalization and universities cooperation with between Belarus, Ukraine and Sweden. This will support our Participating Universities in Belarus and Ukraine to establish contact and cooperation with the Swedish universities, and strengthen Swedish universities' knowledge of, and interest in academia in these countries. 

More information about Two steps


The aim of this project is to re-think the pedagogy used when implementing education for sustainable development. The SWEDESD Change project Approach is used for the EduBUP project. Participants formed groups who created project plans and ideas on what they would like to change at their respective universities. In a later phase of the project this is followed up on, and launched. 

More information about EduBUP

The SWEDESD web site


The project aim is to illustrate pedagogical principles and processes that need to be integrated in teaching and learning. Participating teachers will be able to include sustainable development in their education according to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) principles. The EduBalt project  support teacher education in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. 

More information about the EduBalt

Last modified: 2023-11-17