100 participating universities and record applications


We are happy to announce that The Baltic University Programme (BUP) now has over 100 participating universities! The Programme is growing like never before and this year we have reached record levels regarding the number of applications for our events and more people than ever are involved in, contributing to, and following our development.

During 2023 alone, we have been joined by 14 new participating universities and many of these have already made their mark on the BUP. This is particularly evident when it comes to the record number of applications we have had to our events this year compared to 2022. Take for instance a nearly 250 percent increase in applications to the BUP Symposium or an almost 200 percent increase in applications to the BUP Master Thesis Training. On top of this, more than 700 students applied to attend the BUP Science and Sail and the BUP student conference: Environment and Well-being.

A group of people holding a rope on a ship
Students cooperating on the tall ship Brabander at the highly appreciated event BUP Science and Sail 2023 in Klaipėda, Lithuania. Photo: Pontus Ambros

The university that joined to take us up to 100 participating universities was the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, the largest national higher education institution in Ukraine.

More and more people are also showing an interest in getting updates about what goes on within the BUP. This is evident in the number of followers we have on social media where we during the year have, for instance, reached over 2000 followers on Facebook. Furthermore, the number of people who are a part of our email lists where they receive updates, such as the newsletter BUP Weekly, is close to 4300.

One of our new participating universities in 2023 is the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau. Our colleagues in Wildau have contributed with a much-appreciated presentation and discussion on knowledge and technology transfer at universities at the BUP Symposium.

Digital presentation
Carsten Hille & Markus Vossel from the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau held the Symposium presentation 'Current challenges and new ways in knowledge and technology transfer at universities - Insights from TH Wildau' which was followed by a discussion on knowledge and technology transfer at universities.

– As an internationally active university, we have started joining international networks such as the BUP to create synergies with like-minded people and institutions on a larger scale, says Karin Schmidt, Head of the International Office at Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau.

– With reference to teaching, TH Wildau can benefit from exchanging best practices on modern teaching and learning approaches, says Markus Vossel, spokesperson for the Center for Research and Transfer.

– The workshops and conferences addressing graduate students offer short-term, international & inspiring opportunities for our students to increase their intercultural and scientific skills as well as to expand their professional networks internationally.

As the BUP continues to grow more colleagues are getting practically involved in the Programme. One example of this is that in the autumn we launched the BUP Course Platform where we currently have eight free massive open online courses (MOOCs) available. The material in these courses has been created by 83 colleagues from 24 different universities.

Photo of Madeleine Granvik– This successful development that we now see within The Baltic University Programme is a testimony of the Programme's relevance and a result of hard work and committed colleagues. We are heading towards BUP 3.0! The last three years have been extremely productive with many new academic activities and cooperations. One year ago at the Rector's conference in Uppsala we presented the idea of developing a BUP Course Platform. Now one year later we can proudly present courses unique for the Baltic Sea Region, created by colleagues in an inter-/multidisciplinary and intercultural setting. The mission of the BUP, to promote and support academic cooperation, can hardly be more topical, in the current Baltic Sea Region, says Madeleine Granvik, Director of the BUP.

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Last modified: 2024-01-18