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As part of the BUP's work with education and teaching, the BUP invites colleagues to become part of an online educational working group that is interdisciplinary and intercultural in-nature. The group will consist of teachers and specialists from within sustainability science and work broadly with using, evaluating, updating and supplementing the BUP Course Platform. 

Online and blended learning has become more common within a European context recently and the BUP has pursued educational initiatives within this field. The BUP currently has eight online courses published all of which have a strong grounding in sustainability science. These courses include lectures, suggested readings, quizzes, and exercises. The BUP is striving for quality educational outputs, therefore we are highly interested in hearing from teachers and bringing teachers together to work together and with each other. How does the course work in practice? How are the materials being used? These are key questions for the BUP as we want to create materials that are of good use to teachers and universities, and that can be given to supplement existing educational outputs. 

In addition, a number of key issues have arisen within this sphere that this working group hopes to contribute to. These include; how to actively include students in online learning, how to ensure appropriate quality with materials, and how to further disseminate these learning materials. The BUP envisages that this working group can help contribute to these issues in a positive way, in practice working on;

  • how the materials are being used in practice within your teaching and how these can be improved
  • co-creating different student activities and exercises
  • reflecting on student perspectives
  • discussing the purpose of massive open online courses (MOOCs)
  • how sustainable development, internationalisation, criticism, and exchange can be included
  • providing evaluations
  • creating the didactic fundamentals

The BUP hopes that this is an interesting opportunity for colleagues to be part of. There is the opportunity to meet together in person, possibilities for virtual exchange, broadening one's own perspectives within sustainability science, the ability to test and practice new ideas for materials, and internationalisation in practice. All of these are important factors, especially considering the increasing proliferation of online and blended learning. This is also an initial step from the BUP, in preparation for the launch of a large and diverse material bank in spring 2024 which will include a wide range of materials for teachers, researchers, and administrators to take advantage of. 

Visit the BUP Course Platform.

If you are interested in joining this opportunity, then please contact Evan Goss via

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Last modified: 2024-01-18