The BUP announces supervisor training programme


Starting on 5 December the BUP will host a free online training programme series that aims toward enhancing and developing the participant's supervisionary pedagogies. This series is for those who want to learn with others in an interdisciplinary and interregional environment and get some more support regarding supervision.

Becoming an effective supervisor is often not easy and many colleagues are seldom offered any form of training on this topic. Moreover, whether you are more experienced with supervision or at the beginning of becoming a supervisor, it is always productive to learn some new techniques and discuss them with others. Within the BUP’s commitment to education and supporting colleagues in their academic teaching, the BUP hopes that this free online training series can enhance and develop supervisionary pedagogies amongst colleagues, as well as promote an interactive and dynamic atmosphere amongst participants with a focus on matchmaking, workshopping and networking.

All colleagues who hold a PhD and are active at a BUP participating university will be welcome to join the training series. This series places a particular focus on young researchers, especially those who have recently completed their doctorate, assistant lectures, and docents, however, all those who have a desire to refresh their skills can participate. The material itself as well as the webinar activities will have relevance for all. No pre-knowledge is required, and colleagues from all disciplines will be welcomed.


The link to register can be found here:

Registration for the first seminar will close on Sunday 3 December.

Registration for the training seminars in the new year will open after the first seminar has

Read more about the training series and the Supervisor Collegium.

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