The BUP PhD Award 2023 winners


We proudly presented the winners of the BUP PhD Award 2023: Joao Paulino Pires Eustachio in the research area Social Sciences and Humanities and Ramin Moghadasi in the research area Natural Sciences, Technology and Engineering. The winners receive a prize in the form of a diploma and support of up to a maximum of 1000 Euro for either attending a scientific conference or publishing in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

The Baltic University Programme (BUP) PhD Award supports high-quality research promoting sustainable development in a Baltic Sea region context. The award is established in two research areas, one award for each:

  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Natural Sciences, Technology and Engineering

Winner within research area Social Sciences and Humanities

Photo of Joao Paulino Pires EustachioJoao Paulino Pires Eustachio, who defended the dissertation Leadership for sustainable development in the context of higher education institutions at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany, is the winner. The motivation for the award is the following:

The role of leadership in promoting sustainability is relatively recent. The aim of the thesis was to explore the theoretical foundations of the concept of leadership for sustainable development and its implications in the context of higher education institutions. 

The author undertakes his study with the help of a range of well-elaborated theories and methods and an impressively large number of sources. The theories, concepts, and hypotheses are clearly stated, and the study was skilfully carried out with the help of quantitative, as well as qualitative, methods transparently presented to the reader. The author has used methods and theories from various disciplinary fields demonstrating this thesis to be multidisciplinary. With reference to what has been stated above about the results of the study, the committee finds this thesis contributing important insights to the issue of sustainability leadership in the context of higher education.

"I am profoundly thankful to the Baltic University Programme for this recognition, which not only validates the originality but also the importance of my work to the theory, underscoring the broader significance of nurturing sustainability leaders to drive transformative change in our educational systems" says Joao Paulino Pires Eustachio.

The supervisor was:

  • Walter Leal Filho

Read the full thesis online.

Winner within research area Natural Sciences, Technology and Engineering

Photo of Ramin MoghadasiRamin Moghadasi, who defended the dissertation Residual and critical saturation in geological storage of CO2: results from field studies, pore-network modelling and laboratory experiments at Uppsala University, Sweden, is the winner. The motivation for the award is the following:

The thesis addresses the long-term safety and efficiency of CO2 storage by investigating the processes and mechanisms that could potentially lead to trapped CO2 remobilization.

The thesis focuses on the difficult and controversial technique of residual trapping of CO2 in different scales. The Author analyzed conditions in which trapped CO2 could be remobilized. The thesis identifies the critical gas saturation in field-scale, to determine the long-term security of residual storage. The work required a multidisciplinary approach, e.g. hydrogeology, reservoir engineering as well as advanced mathematical modelling. The thesis presents the first in the literature field-scale observation and determination of the role of critical gas saturation in geological CO2 storage. The findings are crucial for effective, safe, and sustainable strategies for managing CO2 emissions in the Baltic Sea Region.

The thesis delivers a novel and innovative contribution to the field of CO2 geological storage. The topic is of great interest for sustainable development, results can be used for the promotion of sustainable development in the Baltic region.

"I am very glad to be selected for this prestigious award. The award is a great opportunity for me to attend a relevant conference in the future or to be used towards future publications" says Ramin Moghadasi.

The supervisor was:

  • Auli Niemi

Read the thesis online.

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