Research Notes Letter vol. 6, issue 1


We present the Research Notes Letter vol. 6, issue 1 that includes abstracts on some of the most recent publications concerning the Baltic Sea Region and our ten BUP themes. This issue contains 14 scientific abstracts on current research conducted at BUP participating universities.

The common denominator among the research is the interest in a more sustainable development of the Baltic Sea Region. We want the Research Notes Letter to reflect the multi- and interdisciplinary science we believe is central to meet the Sustainable Development Goals indicated by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The abstracts presented in the Research Notes Letter are accompanied by information on authors, information on their affiliation, keywords, citation and a link to the full paper.

As a researcher at one of the BUP participating universities you are welcome to submit your recent research publication to be published in a coming Research Notes Letter. This is a possibility to get to know each other as researchers in the BUP and for researchers to have their research spread among colleagues in the region. For submission use the following form: or simply e-mail us your information via The publication is free of charge.

Read the full Research Notes Letter vol. 6, issue 1 (PDF).

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Last modified: 2023-12-01