Winner of the BUP Mobility Grant 2023


We are happy to announce that Tamari Mumladze from Kaunas University of Technology and the project​ "Sustainable Technical Solutions for Plastic Waste Management during Activities Controlled by Municipalities (TechPlastControll)" has won the BUP Mobility Grant 2023. The project aims to address the challenges of plastic waste management and pollution reduction in the municipalities of the Baltic States' big cities.

The aim with the BUP Mobility Grant is to develop and strengthen the cooperation among young researchers in the Baltic Sea Region. The grant is intended to support young scholars from BUP participating universities in their research on sustainable development. 

Tamari Mumladze finished her PhD in February 2022 and she is now a Junior Researcher at Kaunas University of Technology. Within the project, being led by Prof. Dr. Gintaras Denafas, Tamari aims to address the global issue of municipal waste management, the primary focus is on reducing single-use plastics and plastic packaging in the Baltic Sea Region. Tamari will be a guest researcher at Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia and Daugavpils University in Latvia. By mitigating plastic pollution and promoting efficient waste management practices, the project aims to contribute to a cleaner environment and the preservation of the Baltic Sea Region.

The project plan involves cooperating with the host universities to conduct experiments related to the project. Planned activities during this period include:

  • conducting a detailed review of municipal waste management systems,
  • performing morphological analysis of waste to determine plastic content and polymer types,
  • sampling waste treatment products for microplastics analysis, and developing technological concepts based on the research findings.

The findings and recommendations derived from the research can provide valuable insights and knowledge that can be applied to the development of waste management systems in other regions and countries, including the project partner countries.

Tamari Mumladze
PhD Tamari Mumladze from Kaunas University of Technology won the BUP Mobility Grant 2023.

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Last modified: 2023-12-01