Workshop to introduce the Supervisor Collegium


For some years now, the BUP has hosted a Supervisor Collegium where those colleagues interested in supervision can register themselves to be contacted regarding supervision. The BUP is now delighted to invite colleagues that are interested in this to an initial workshop which will introduce the project and allow individual contributions.

As part of the BUP's commitment to education and training, the BUP is pleased to begin increasing support to those in teaching and research positions who are either currently supervising or those that are considering the supervision of students at all levels. Following the 2022 Rectors' Conference, the BUP has placed emphasis on developing the Supervisor Collegium and growing the Collegium into a more dynamic resource. 

The main aim of the BUP Supervisor Collegium is to exchange, grow and develop a Collegium of supervisors who can collaborate and learn together and exchange experiences in an interdisciplinary and intercultural environment. The BUP believes that this collaboration can be especially fruitful as the Baltic Sea Region is full of diverse and exciting academic cultures. The workshop "The goals and needs for the PhD Supervisor Collegium" will take place on 1 March 13:00-14:30 over Zoom.

Register to take part in the workshop.

Last day to register is 27 February 2023.

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Last modified: 2023-12-01