BUP welcomes record number of Student Ambassadors


This spring semester the BUP will be joined by the largest group of Student Ambassadors so far. The number of Student Ambassadors is now 26 and they represent 14 BUP participating universities.

The Student Ambassadors are, together with the BUP contact persons, our primary communication path at our participating universities.

There are three different profiles that the students can choose to be engaged in, the social media group, the research communication group, and the event group. Based on their group they will be able to work closer with the students that share their interest and they will work together in an international context to promote the BUP.

During the autumn semester 2022 the Student Ambassadors have, among many things, contributed to our work with the BUP Research Notes Letterour event reports, a BUP participating university sustainability reportDocreader, material for social media such as an introduction video to the BUP as well as ideas and suggestions for improvements to our events.

Read more about the role as a Student Ambassador.

Contact information to our Student Ambassadors.

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Last modified: 2023-12-01