BUP Sustainability Report


We are pleased to announce that the BUP Student Ambassadors, as a part of the project Sustainability at participating universities have created a Sustainability Report. This report contains enlightening moments and ideas about sustainability at the students universities and how the Student Ambassadors are being inspired and motivated.

Within the BUP's project Sustainability at participating universities, a strong emphasis has been placed on students. As part of the project, the BUP Student Ambassadors have created this Sustainability Report which details enlightening moments and ideas about sustainability at BUP participating universities. 

Sustainability does not only encompass the possibilities for individual action, but also, especially within the scope of the BUP, a way of producing and communicating knowledge about the world we live in. The BUP participating universities each have a very special approach towards Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and towards research in related areas. As such, the BUP itself contributes to a sustainable learning and working environment by fostering intercultural exchange and collaboration.

This report has been created thanks to the inputs of Student Ambassadors from German, Swedish, Slovak and Latvian universities, that have compiled in the form of a booklet, initiatives implemented across the Baltic Sea Region, in a bid to become more sustainable. 

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Read the BUP Sustainability Report.

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Last modified: 2024-01-18