Looking for teachers in Sustainable Tourism


Currently, the BUP is updating the course material focusing on developing course modules connected to the BUP Themes. They are designed and will be offered as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). This means that they are accessed independent of time and place, as a full self-paced learning distance courses.

Street view from GdanskOne of the key missions of the BUP has been the creation of courses from different academic disciplines with both theoretical and practical focuses. The BUP courses are unique in that they focus on sustainability in a Baltic Sea region context. Currently, the BUP is updating the course material as a response to new research, relevance in examples, and the digital development.

We encourage researchers and teachers from BUP participating universities, working within the field of Sustainable Tourism in the Baltic Sea Region, to consider to contribute to the course content by online lecture. You are welcome to contact Madeleine Granvik and Emma Stockvall Carlsson for more information.

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Last modified: 2024-01-18