New Participating University: Pskov State University


The BUP secretariat in Uppsala, is very happy to announce that Pskov State University in Russia has become the newest member of our organisation. The university, which is situated in one of Russia’s oldest cities, is one of 33 regional flagship universities in Russia.

Research and teaching are among the main aims of Pskov State University. The university prioritises the relationship between innovative research and quality education. In 2021, there has been a strong research output. Featured projects include investigations into green and blue infrastructures in cities in Northern Eurasia,  the digital economy and environmental regionalisation in the Arctic. 

The university also has a vibrant co-curricular and cultural section.Pskov State logo Choirs, folklore groups and sport are all popular. Pskov State University also sends students to national forums regarding education, student affairs and the Baltic Sea Region. Volunteering is also prioritised. One example being students’ work with environmental projects such as the clean city initiative in Pskov. The secretariat heartily welcomes Pskov State University.

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Last modified: 2023-01-12