New BUP Initiative- Quality Assurance


The BUP is pleased to announce the development of a platform into Quality Assurance (QA) at our participating universities. The BUP is looking to come into contact with those responsible for QA at our participating universities.

Quality Assurance as an issue, both internally and externally, has proliferated in recent years and ensuring the quality of education is becoming a key priority. In response to this, the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra and Riga Technical University, alongside the BUP coordinating secretariat at Uppsala University are pleased to announce the beginning of our platform in Quality Assurance.

This platform has a clear purpose- to promote educational quality cultures, provide opportunities for sharing best practices amongst each other and to increase collaboration relating to quality issues. Higher Education Institutions and universities have an important role to play in promoting and improving quality issues for the benefit of staff, students and the wider society. This enables universities to tackle not only current challenges but also future ones for sustainability.

To begin, this platform will start with a survey by which we can gather information and current viewpoints on Quality Assurance at our universities. This will be an important first step and will allow identification of successes and areas that can be improved upon. From this, the BUP hope to develop a platform on Quality Assurance into a cohesive course or potential seminar series.

Much like other BUP projects, which focus on bringing together the knowledge of colleagues, this platform looks to contribute unique regional perspectives and ideas regarding Quality Assurance. The BUP truly believes, that the BUP can be a dynamic platform for sharing ideas, information and skills on this topic and that many fruitful discussions can be had. The BUP hopes that its participating universities will get involved in this platform.

Please do spread this information to colleagues working with Quality Assurance at your university. The BUP would like to get into contact with them and invite them to take part in this platform. Thanks to those who have already done so. If your university or institution of higher education is interested in becoming part of this platform or if you have any questions, please contact either or

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Last modified: 2023-01-12