4th international Scientific Conference “Contemporary challenges in tourism and recreation”


BUP Participating University WSB University in Poznań and Faculty of Geographic and Geological Science of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, are pleased to invite you to 4th international Scientific Conference “Contemporary challenges in tourism and recreation”. The Baltic University Programme is happy to be an honorary patronage for the conference. We will therefore be happy to share updates further along the process.

The conference is open for a wide range of participants, members of the academic community as well as people otherwise involved in tourism and recreation. They are welcome to present results of their studies and share their experiences and knowledge about contemporary challenges of tourism and recreation.

The goal of the conference is to be a place for serious, substantive discussions about the current state of the tourism and recreational sector and its development possibilities. The modern market of tourism, recreational and sports services is faced with challenges that can considerably affect supply and demand. Tourism is sensitive to many factors associated with different places, events and behaviours, and recently, the Covid-19 restrictions. The pandemic has limited the activity of the tourism industry to such an extent that its recovery will take a long time. A similar situation can be observed in regards to the sports and recreational services. 

The conference is a hybrid event, mening the it will take place either as a ‘live’ in-person event with an online component, or exclusively online, depending on the current epidemic situation. It will take place 18-19 November 2021. Conference presentations will be delivered in English or Polish, and will simultaneously be interpreted into Polish and English.

Beyond the presentations, the conference contributors are invited to publish their papers in the thematic issue of  "Studia Periegetica” entitled "Modern challenges of tourism and recreation”.

We are happy to anounce that according to the cooperation with the BUP and the conference organisation, it is possible for colleagues from the BUP Participating Universities to apply for BUP conference grant to cover the conference fee. If you are interested in the BUP grant, please:

  1. check on the BUP website, if your university is a BUP Participating University,
  2. register your participation at the conference and submit an abstract (deadline 15 October 2021), 
  3. choose in the registration form that you are interested in the BUP conference grant,
  4. complete a short BUP Grant application, by 15 October. Grant recipients will be notified by 25 October 2021.

The grant recivers will be announced by BUP after the selection by 25 October 2021.

The conference web page where the goals and thematic scope is presented in more depth.

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Publications from the 3rd conference:

Studia Pereigetica 2(26)2019, Multidimensionality of Tourism in Metropolitan Areas 

Studia Pereigetica 3(27)2019, Tourism and recreation in the socio-economic and spatial development of cities 

Studia Periegetica 4 (28)2019, Social and Economic Aspects of Tourism and Recreation

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