Newsletter #64 is now published


The BUP Newsletter, number 64 is now published! You can find it on our web page.

It has the following content:
-Celebration of The Baltic University Programme 30 years
-Welcome to the BUP Symposium 2021
-BUP project: Digital at home
-Kick-off session of the BUP Student Ambassador Programme
-New German National Centre Director
-National meetings
-Time for Reflection: Reunion Meeting for the BUP Teachers’ Courses
-Implementation of Sustainability at Universities - a BUP Webinar Series
-Space Bridges 2.0
-Digitalising the new Baltic University Programme’s climate change course
-New BUP Participating Universities
-The BUP map
-Research profiles for a thriving BUP network
-Have something to share?

News from 2021

Last modified: 2023-01-12