EIT Food Innovator Fellowship 2021


EIT Food Innovator Fellowship is a programme aiming to enhance the human intellectual capital of the Food Sector and to prepare a new generation of “researchpreneurs”. Nurturing entrepreneurial talents is a key driver to boost competitiveness and long value creation of the Food Ecosystem.

Global challenges in the Agri-Food systems require a mind-shift and a thrilling change in the awareness and competencies of talents: the new generation of entrepreneurs is asked to play a key role in tackle the planet’s food-related challenges.

We are happy to announce the new edition of the EIT Food Innovator Fellowship 2021.

The critical feature of the Innovator Fellowship programme is the creation of strong and multi-disciplinary working teams, beginning with a Hackathon and continuing with the other two cornerstones of the programme:

  1. one-to-one support to the teams by expert mentors to turn initial ideas into mature business propositions.
  2. two advanced training boot camps aimed to boost competencies and skills, delivered by high-level trainers.

EIT Food Innovator Fellowship is a new educational role model to create successful network of researchpreneurs. This programme identifies talents worldwide with creative and innovative potential wishing to expand their skill repertoire through advanced training to transform labideas into business ideas tackling the challenges of the Agri-Food systems.

If you have an innovative idea that may impact the Food System and you are passionate about tackling sustainability issues, here is your challenge! 

It is a totally free programme that aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurial skills through high-level training, in which postdocs work in multidisciplinary teams with other researchers to transform their laboratory ideas into business ideas aimed at tackling the main challenges of the agrifood system!

On the 30th of March at 4.30 pm (CET) we will have a webinar where we will explain the programme in detail!

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