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Internationalisation is one of the key priorities for many universities. Recently, integrated internationalisation is in focus discussing how to include relevant international dimension in courses and degree programmes and education in general. The importance of bringing internationalisation to the home became evident when mobility was limited by the Covid-19 restrictions. Within the project “Digital at Home”, The Baltic University Programme invite colleagues to participate in two webinars which will introduce and discuss possibilities to make digital education more international.

The project “Digital at Home” is financed by the Swedish Institute

Webinar 1: Rethinking of Internationalization and Internationalization at Home (IAH) and Internationalization of Teaching and Learning (IL&T)

12 March at 10.00-11.30  (CET/GMT+1)

Webinar participants will be invted to think (or rethink) on the internationalization of higher education concept(s) in the current realities. What is the main contribution of internationalization? Why is internationalization important for students? Is it  only important to students at international programs? Does internationalization remain available only for a "small minority" of students? If IAH and IL&T could be the instruments to provide students with global competence? 

A presentation will be held by Larysa Chovnyuk (National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine), Oksana Krayevska (Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine) and Philipp Baur (Uppsala University, Sweden). An open discussion will follow where webinar participants are welcome to join.

The webinar is intended for university staff, teachers, reserachers, administrators.

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Webinar 2: Introduction to Virtual Exchanges / Virtual Class

26 March at 10.00 -11.30 (CET/GMT+1)

Participants of the webinar will be introduced to the concepts of virtual mobility, COIL, virtual exchange, and virtual class. These concepts will be presented as possible practical instruments of internationalization at home in virtual setting. We shall look at the cases of VM and VE, already practiced at a few universities across Europe, as well as will analyze possible structure of VE course syllabi and core pedagogical methods, applicable for the virtual classes and courses organization

The webinar is intended for university staff, teachers, reserachers, administrators.

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For more information, please e-mail Project Coordinator Lyudmyla Babak 

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