Extended deadline for Special issue "Challenges and Possibilities for Sustainable Development in a Baltic Sea Region context"


We have extended the deadline for submission of papers to the journal Sustainability, Special issue "Challenges and Possibilities for Sustainable Development in a Baltic Sea Region context.

The new deadline is the 26th of April 2021. We welcome more authors to contribute with their research findings. 

The guest editors, Walter Leal and Madeleine Granvik present the special issue with these words (as published on the web site for the special issue):

Current policy, planning, and research on sustainable development as a whole and in pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in particular provide an arena for possible change, transformations, and innovations in society. At the same time, there are huge challenges and complexity to face when goals towards sustainable development go in parallel with other goals, trends, and tendencies in society at large, related to, e.g., lifestyles, consumption, mobility, poverty, and growth. The United 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development includes 17 goals with indicators to monitor progress. The academia and research community constitute a very important group of stakeholders who can strongly support the achievement of the SDGs. Whether it is at the global, regional or local level, universities can contribute in multiple ways. This is through knowledge generation, innovations, data, technical analysis, and above all through training the next generation of students in building a sustainable future.

This Special Issue on “Challenges and Possibilities for Sustainable Development in a Baltic Sea Region Context” promotes an interdisciplinary approach with an emphasis on research relevant to the Baltic Sea Region in the context of sustainable development. Papers are welcome in one or more of the following areas: climate change, renewable energy, sustainable societies, sustainable food systems, sustainable water resources, urban–rural development, sustainable mobility, circular economy, sustainable tourism, and education for sustainable development (ESD). Further, this Special Issue intends to document and promote scholarly research and projects that stress the challenges as well as show how efforts within the different fields reported above can contribute toward the implementation of sustainability in practice in the Baltic Sea Region.

We are challenging researchers from different disciplines with an interest in the Baltic Sea Region as an empirical field to present their research relevant in a sustainable development perspective. We especially welcome presentations of research having an inter-/multidisciplinary approach.

You could find the information about topics, authors guideline, publication costs etc. on the Sustainability web site for the special issue.

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