The BUP Newsletter 63 is published


In the BUP Newsletter, issue 63, you can read about:

  • The Baltic University Programme - (post) Covid-19 challenges and opportunities
  • The BUP Symposium 2020
  • New BUP project: Digital at home - new steps in internatinalization of education
  • Looking for more BUP Student Ambassadors
  • Jumping into the ocean of sustainability - The BUP Modeule Pool in progress
  • New Estonian National Centre and Centre Director
  • BUP 30 years
  • Retirements of colleagues in the BUP
  • A positive learning journey for the BUP Student Delegation at the EU's Annual Forum for the Baltic Sea Region
  • Introduction of our BUP interns
  • New BUP Member Universities
  • Research Profiles for a thriving BUP network
  • Have something to share?
  • BUP Map

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Last modified: 2023-01-12