Call for Expressions of Interest- Green Deal Call on "Restoring biodiversity and ecosystem services"


BUPRaP logoThe Baltic University Programme Research and Publication Office and The European School of Sustainability Science and Research (ESSSR), are asking for expressions of interest from suitably qualified organisations, which may wish to contribute to this project.

The European School of Sustainability Science and Research (ESSSR), together with other organisations, are leading a proposal as part of the Green Deal Call ID: LC-GD-7-1-2020,  "Restoring biodiversity and ecosystem services".

Consistent with the aims of the Call, our project will catalyse progress towards the restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems services at a large (European). This means capitalising on existing research and innovation, valorising available knowledge in the EU, and using Green Deal-targeted social, financial, and technological innovation to co-create, test, and implement innovative solutions which may help the cause of sustaining and -when needed- restoring biodiversity and ecosystems services. It will at the same time contribute to several of the Sustainable Development Goals. The specific impacts of the planned project include, among others:

a) in line with the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, restore degraded ecosystems, in particular those with high potential to capture and store carbon and to prevent and reduce the impact of natural disasters, and, where relevant, to contribute to the achievement of favourable status for species and habitats of the Birds and Habitats Directives inside and outside the Natura 2000 network of protected areas;

b) adapt, integrate and demonstrate innovative methods (technological, non-technological, social and governance, including sustainable financing) on upscaling ecosystem restoration, also in regions and for communities in transition;

c) support the development of specific demand and supply chains in restoring ecosystems on land or at sea – recognising that conditions at sea can considerably differ from the ones on land (including freshwater), that speed of change and disturbance might differ, and that solutions to reverse biodiversity decline are context-specific; and

d) demonstrate and test how restoration activities and socio-ecological management of ecosystems enable sustainable, climate-neutral and climate-resilient, inclusive, transformative approaches, including across the bioeconomy (agriculture, forestry, marine and innovative bio-based sectors) and as investments in disaster risk reduction.

Further impacts are also expected, and will be part of the project´s workplan. The consortium will gather appropriate knowledge and expertise in EU urban-relevant programmes and initiatives, urban planning, state-of the-art in technological innovation for social innovation and stakeholders´ engagement.

We are herewith asking for expressions of interest from suitably qualified organisations, which may wish to contribute to this project. Proposals are due by mid-January 2021.

The total budget is up to Euro 25 million, which means that this will be a high level project. Since the Green Deal Calls are very competitive, with complex application forms and many strategic procedures to be followed in a very competitive environment, a special team will be set-up to produce the bid, according to the highest standards.

If you feel you may contribute and to join this Consortium, please send the following details to Franziska Wolf and Walter Leal.

  • Your name
  • Name of organisation
  • Your position
  • Your contact e-mail

Deadline for expressions of interest: 20th November 2020

We will acknowledge receipt and then share the details. In case of any questions that you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us – you can reach us by email or phone at +49 0174 347 48 47.

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