COVID-19: Invitation to take part in 3 studies


COVID-19: Invitation to take part in 3 studies: impacts on sustainability teaching, research and consequences of social isolation.

IUSDRPThe European School of Sustainability Science and Research and the Interuniversity Sustainable Development Research Programme (IUSDRP) are running 3 large studies aimed at ascertaining how the crisis triggered by COVID-19 is reflecting on the  practices of sustainable development teaching and research, and how the shutdown is affecting the academic community round the world. The studies are:

  1. Impacts of COVID-19 on sustainability teaching
  2. Impacts of COVID-19 on sustainability research
  3. Impacts of the social isolation caused by the  COVID-19 crisis on University teaching staff and students

Responses to the data collection instruments only take a few minutes.Together, data from these studies will help in the understanding of current and possibly future impacts of COVID-19 to universities.  The results will be widely shared via open access, with the international academic community, Ministries of Education and  Health round the world, and with the World Health Organisation.

We kindly invite colleagues to use this use this window of opportunity to share their opinions, experiences and perspectives in this highly sensitive period, when the COVID-19 pandemic is severly influencing our lives and our lifestyles. Please feel free to pass this note on to your own contacts and networks, so they too can take advantage of this opportunity.

Thank you for your contribution!

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Last modified: 2023-01-12