Call for Papers: Innovations and Traditions for Sustainable Development


The growth of digital technologies in all areas of educational, scientific and industrial activities should be accompanied by appropriate innovations in personnel training, taking into account the rapidly changing situations in both the economy and the financial sector on a global scale. The sustainability of development on a global, national and regional scale largely depends on the balance between social, economic and environmental processes. This is especially true in countries with different objectives for the near- and medium-term development.

However, this issue draws attention to the fact that many countries and regions adheres to obsolete procedures in the production of goods and services., This is in stark contrast to businesses, such as those in the tourist industry, which are rapidly adapting their procedures to the ever increasing demand, thus increasing their competitiveness. Even in the United States and in the European Union which  have previously proclaimed the beginning of the post-industrial era, there is an increasingly rise in the number of calls for reindustrialization and real resilient economy development, especially in Great Britain. Conflicts of interest between traditionalists and proponents of initiatives to implement rapid  transitions into digital communication, distance learning, and corporate governance, among others, etc. can and should be balanced by differing means of communication. Thise book highlights the vital necessity for an increasing process of combining sustainable development processes from different sectors, and applications such as the sciences, education and various production sectors. These sectors have previously been separated by barriers such as linguistic and, technological, among others. Breaking down these barriers will allow  an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary flow of synthesis of information.

The book «Innovations and Traditions for Sustainable Development» will be published as a further volume of the «World sustainability Series». This is the leading and most influential book series on matters related to sustainable development. Over 2.000 sustainability researchers have had the opportunity to contribute to its books. The peer-review nature of the publications means that they have, over the years, officially counted for the promotion and tenure purposes of hundreds of authors.


Contributions are being sought in all areas related to various dimensions of innovations and traditions for sustainable development. That includes, but is not limited, to the following subjects:
I.   Gradual transition to innovative development
II.   Continuity of technology in education, science and industry
III.   Convergency directions, interdisciplinary relations in scientific research
IV.   From big databases to few, but mandatory principles of their selection and grouping
V.   Global trends and regional specifics of related innovations and traditions in environmental management
VI.   International legal regulation of environmental and economic relations of business communities
VII.   Other topics may also be considered and interested authors should contact the Editorial team to discuss them.


Submission of abstracts: February 17th, 2020
Submission of full paper: July 6th , 2020
Submission of revised papers: September 21th , 2020
Expected publication: March 2021

Expressions of interest, consisting of 200 words abstract which must contain the full names, institutional and contact details of the authors (no abstracts will otherwise be considered) should be sent to Dr. Dara Gaeva.

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