Meaning in Translation: Illusion of Precision


The Faculty of E-Learning Technologies and Humanities of Riga Technical University is organizing the 4th international scientific conference “Meaning in Translation: Illusion of Precision” that will be held in Riga from 27 to 29 May 2020. This time the focus is on Translation Studies in the Era of Digital Humanities

The conference will bring linguists, specialists in digital humanities, researchers, translators, students and language policy makers together to create a platform for dynamic and constructive debate, networking and research initiation.

We invite proposals in English, French, German or Latvian, for papers that are related, but not limited, to the following themes:

  • Scientific and technical discourse;
  • Translator teaching and translator training;
  • Translation in the digital age;
  • Digital humanities;
  • Cognitive processes underlying the process of translation;
  • Semantic and pragmatic aspects of translation;
  • Metaphor, metonymy, blends and other forms of figurative language in translation;
  • Text/corpus linguistics;
  • Scientific writing;
  • Terminology;
  • Language acquisition;
  • Aspects of LSP translation;
  • Translation of multimodal texts;
  • Language service provision;
  • E-learning;
  • Sustainable development in humanities.

The deadline for proposal submission in 29 February 2020.

Please visit the conference home page for more information.

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