BUP Student Conference

Each year, the student conference location and program differ. This means that each year, the conference has a certain focus on the learnings that participating students can take away. But, some things stay the same. 

The conference aims develop the participants knowledge on a topic and spark new ideas through interaction with both lecturers and other students.

Student conference 2021

The Baltic University Programme’s coordinating secretariat at Uppsala University and Slovak University of Agriculture, can proudly present the BUP’s annual student conference 2021. This year, we are focusing on the topic Sustainable Food Production in Conditions of Climate Change.

Poster illustrating a women working with vegetables. Photo: Meg Boulden
Conference poster for the BUP's student conference 2021, photo: Meg Boulden.

Topic and program

Sustainable Food Production in Conditions of Climate Change

Reaching a sustainable food production is key for achieving several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. But achieving these goals are central to not only the goals itself, but also controlling the greenhouse gas emissions and how we adapt to changes in our climate.  

During our two days intensive online conference, the participating students will get a unique experience to intensively study the different types of sustainable food production and how they might look like on a warming planet. With some of the regions leading experts from both academia and the food industry as teachers, students will have the chance to first handily learn and develop their ideas with help from our invited experts.

Workshop "From idea to consumer"

The student conference includes a workshop entitled "From idea to consumer". The workshop is aimed at creating innovative ideas and new food product development. Participants will show their creativity in designing unconventional food products. The concept of the workshop is focused on targeting customer groups, their characteristics, and the customer-oriented food design process. During the workshop, participants will transform ideas into a design of food products and product labels. Moreover, participants will unlock the secret of marketing strategies the in agri-food sector and learn how to market food products. Finally, participants gain knowledge about the system of food safety management, as well as nutrition and health claims.

Conference program

Quick info
  • 3 - 4 May 2021
  • Online
  • Open for undergraduate and graduate students at BUP Participating Universities
  • Maximum number of participating students is 100
  • Free of charge
  • Application deadline: 18 April 2021, 23:59 (CET)

Hosted by:The National Centre of BUP in Slovakia located at Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

Invited speakers

Dr. Simona BaldovskaSimona Baldovska

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia

Simona is a resarcher and university teacher at the Slovak University of Agriculture.

During the conference she will host a workshop "From idea to consumer" together with Prof. Adriana Kolesarova.

Prof. Adriana KolesarovaAdriana Kolesarova

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia

Adriana is the vice dean at the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences at the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra.

She is responsible for scientific content of the conference program and will also present the workshop "From idea to consumer" together with Dr. Simona Baldovska.

Ing., PhD. Eva IvanišováEva Ivanisova

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia

Ing. Eva Ivanišová, PhD. - assistant of professor at the Department of technology and quality of plant products. The research is oriented to technology and quality of plant raw materials and foodstuffs especially from nutritional point of view – determination of the content of bioactive compounds in plant raw materials and foodstuffs.

Eva will give a presentation on the topic: Non-traditional, minority and less-known crops and their using in food industry.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Piotr Prus, PhDPiotr Prus

UTP University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz, Poland

Scientific interests: sustainable development, sustainable development of rural areas and agriculture, education for sustainable development, rural advisory services, agricultural knowledge and innovation systems (AKIS), diffusion and adoption of innovations in rural areas, multifunctional development of rural areas, entrepreneurship, non-agricultural entrepreneurship in rural areas, horizontal and vertical integration in the food sector and agriculture, formation and operation of agricultural producer groups

Currently involved in three research projects:

  1. Ancient Grain project, which concerns the introduction of primeval wheat varieties (Spring Indian Dwarf Wheat and Spring Persian Wheat) with increased nutritional value for cultivationYou can learn more about this project on their facebook page.
  2. Innovative solutions in the cultivation, storage and marketing of the Polish potato variety highly resistant to Phytophthora infestans (potato blight). This is a very interesting potato variety which doesn’t need so much spraying (chemicals) and it is perfect for organic agriculture. It gives the possibility to produce highly nutritional food without much chemicals residues. You can learn more about this project on their Facebook page.
  3. Launching innovative variety of perennial ryegrass colonized by the symbiotic endophytic fungi. NOVA GRASS is a grass, that is biologically modified with symbiotic endophytic fungi. It is characterised by increased resistance to drought and other stress factors. It is an innovative product for agricultural producers that will soon be launched to the market.

Piotr's research portfolio

Piotr will give a presentation on the topic: Increasing biodiversity in agriculture and production of food with high nutritional value on the example of the Ancient Grain, Gardena and Nova Grass projects

Gunnar RundgrenGunnar Rundgren

Expert on organic agriculture, consultant and author, Sweden

Gunnar has his background as an agricultural practioner and with several years experience working with organic agriculture. He is one of the founder to Sweden's  largest Organic Certifier of food, "KRAV" and he has written several book on the topic of sustainable agriculture. He also works as an agricultural consultant and presenter.

Gunnar will give a presentation on the topic: What should we eat in the future and how should it be produced?

Dr. Vladimíra KňazovickáVladimira Knazovicka

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia

Vladimíra does research on honey production. Honey is the best known bee product all over the world. Its quality depends on various factors including natural environment, work of bees, work of beekeeper followed by processing and storage of this valuable product. The aim of the contribution is to provide the basic information about Slovak honey and to introduce our research in this field.

Her presentation is divided into four parts: description of the hive environment, characterization of the honey in terms of its sensory, chemical and physical properties, specification of Slovakian honey and short view to our research focused on microorganisms in the honey.

Vladimíra will give a presentation on the topic: Quality of honey from Slovak production 


Photo of Students' parliament session 2019
Students' parliament session 2019. Photo: Jozef Počil

Students parliament 2021

Each year, BUP students taking part in the BUP student conference have the chance to make their voices heard and select their new BUP student representative to BUP's international board.

Students accepted to the Student conference 2021, will automatically become members of the students' parliament. Allowing them to vote, suggest proposal and run as a candidate as the BUP students' representative to the BUP's international board.

Student parliament information


The applications to the students conference closes the on the 18th of April at 23.59 (CET). Each country in the Baltic Sea Region will get a certain quota based on the number of member universities in that country, however each country will have a minimum of 5 seats to the conference. Each national BUP centre is in charge of selecting the participants based on a set of guidelines.

Participants will get a result of their applications at latest the 19th of April 2021. Those who are not accepted will be automatically put on a waiting list.

The conference will take place online using the online meeting software ZOOM. Accepted students will receive a link to attend the meeting.


If you are having any questions or concerns regarding the conference, you are most welcome to contact us in the conference organizing team.

Pontus AmbrosPontus Ambros

Project adiminstrator
the Baltic University Programme's coordinating secretariat at Uppsala University.

Contact Pontus on email

Phone: +46 18 471 1786

Barbora ČakovskáBarbora Cakovska

National Centre Director of BUP in Slovakia
Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

Contact Barbora on email

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