Regeneration 2030 - Annual Summit

Take action for the sustainable development goals. Apply to become a part of the BUP delegation to Regeneration 2030's summit on Åland islands. An event that focuses on mobilizing young people to act.

BUP students at a workshop.
BUP students at a workshop. Photo: Pontus Ambros

Regeneration 2030 started back in 2018 as an initiative to support youth in taking action towards a more sustainable Nordic and Baltic Sea Region. Each year Regeneration 2030 organizes a summit on the Åland islands, where young people meet to develop ideas and mobilize power to ensure that our region reaches its sustainability goals. The summit is organized by a number of organization, with the BUP being one of them. It is expected to about 80 youth will attend the summit.

This year BUP have the chance to send 15 students to the summit on Åland islands as a part of a BUP student delegation.

Quick information

Dates: 22nd - 24th of August, 2020

Host: Regeneration 2030

Location: Online.

Open for: Open for undergraduate, graduate and PhD students at BUP member universities. Applicant has to be under 32 years of age.

Number of participants: 15 students

Costs: The conference is free of charge.

Application deadline: 1st of May 2020, 23.59 (CET)

Summit 2020 - 10 year's left!

The summit of 2020 will highlight international cooperation towards the achievement of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The program is action oriented and aims to create basis from which the participants can act. With support from stakeholders in business, academia and politics, the event is a perfect place to act for change.

Summit 2020 promotion banner

When arriving in Mariehamn, you will meet with other youth and students and take part in a series of workshops. The goal is to form an action group, with which you will develop your idea of a sustainable solution. Together with your group and invited stakeholders from business, politics, academia, government organizations and civil society, you will develop an action plan streaching over the next year.

During the next year you will be working together with your group towards the goals you set up. The process will be supported both by selected stakeholders and the Regeneration 2030 team. Sucessful teams will be invited back to the summit of 2021 to report on their progress and if possible create new action plans.


Students discussing at the summit
Students discussing at the Summit 2019.
Photo: Mai Andresson

The aim of the summit is inspire and support youth in taking action towards the SDG's in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region. By acting together with stakeholders from our region, the goal is that the youth will take a leading role in the transition to a sustainble region.

For more information about the program visit Regeneration 2030's webpage.

Practical information

Regeneration 2030 will be held online.

Regeneration 2030 and BUP cannot cover the costs of travelling to and from the event, nor do we have the possibility to cover visa costs or help with booking of tickets. We encurage accepted students to apply for travelling grants from their home universities.

Accepted students have to arrange all travels by themselves.

Application process

The applications to the students event opens on the 2nd of April 2020 and closes the on the 1st of May at 23.59 (CET). Each national BUP centre is in charge of selecting the participants based on a set of guidelines. We are strive to create a diverse group with as many member universities represented as possible.

Participants will get a result of their applications at latest the 15th of May 2020. Those who are not accepted will be automatically put on a waiting list.

Please note that this is only the application to the BUP's Student delegation to the Regeneration 2030. If you are not eligable to apply through us, you can apply directly to the Regeneration 2030.