BUP student delegation to the EU's Annual Forum for the Baltic Sea Region

Each year the EU is organizing a forum for the Baltic Sea Region. The forum is an event where business, politics, academia, civil society and state organziations meet to discuss the future of our region. The meeting was held online 2020.

BUP students at the Annual Forum in Berlin
BUP students at the 8th Annual Forum for the Baltic Sea Region in Berlin 2017. Photo: Sylwester Nagórka

The aim of this student event is to give students the possibility to take part in the international forum and interact with stakeholders from all over the region. The program spans over several days and includes seminars and workshops, where invited lecturers gives presentations and smaller workshops. Students also follow the program of the Annual forum. 

Students that have completed the three days program and submitted a short essay on the forum, will be presented with a Certificate.

The students participating in the delegation 2020 produced videos about their view of the event. You can watch the videos on The BUP YouTube Channel. 

The student delegation's videos on the BUP YouTube Channel.

The 11th Annual Forum for the Baltic Sea Region, 

A meeting to network, discuss and develop the EU's Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

EU flag with clear blue sky.
Photo: Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

The EU has several Macro-Regional strategies for different geographical parts of the union. The Baltic Sea Region (BSR) was the first to have a EU strategy, referred to as the "European Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR). The strategy is built on three pillars; Increased Prosperity, Saving the Sea and Connecting the Region. The strategy is developed by all EU countries with a Baltic Sea coast along with EU neighbours Russia, Belarus, Norway and Iceland. Each year, actors from these countries meet at the Annual Forum, to discuss and develop the strategy, while networking with other stakeholders to strengthen cooperation and ensuring that the strategy's goals are met.

Read more about the EUSBSR at the EUSBSR web site.

Program 2020

The program consists of two half days (19th and 21st of October) and one full day (20th of October) joining the EU's annual Forum.

BUP students taking part in a workshop
BUP students at a workshop. Photo: Pontus Ambros

Researchers and coworkers at Åbo Akademi University, especially linked to the research profile "The Sea" contribute to the program (presentations and workshops) during the first and third day. During the second day, the participants register to the EUSBSR Annual Forum themselves, and follow the program online.

There will be some ice-breaking exercises before the course starts. We also encourage the participants to find ways of chatting with each other during the Annual Forum.

All participants that have actively taken part in the program Monday-Wednesday, and submitted a short essay on insights and outcomes about the EUSBSR Annual Forum (instructions later) will be presented with a Certificate.

Monday 19 October 2020

Program and presenters

12.00     Welcome to the course! Introduction and presentations

12.30     The Baltic Sea, the ecological state and biological challenges, Asst. Prof. Anna Törnroos-Remes

13.05     Political governance in the Baltic Sea Region, PhD Savitri Jetoo and PhD student Varvara Lahtinen

13.40     Shipping and transportation management in the Baltic Sea, Asst. Prof. Magnus Hellström

14.10     Coffee break

14.30     Communicating science, communication expert Mia Henriksson

15.30     End of the day

Tuesday 20 October 2020

The participants take part of the program of the 11th EUSBSR Annual Forum. The final program will be published and the registration open during September 2020. All the participants have to register themselves to the Forum (we will send reminders to the participants).

During the day, the participants take part in the online program (9.30-16.00 CET). The participation forms the background for the group work during the following day. Everybody has to take part in at least two of the plenary sessions and two of the workshops during the day.

There will be opportunities to form discussion groups with the fellow BUP delegates.

Wednesday 21 October 2020

12.00     Welcome to the last day of the conference

12.15     Workshop “Our Region, Our Future – Towards a Decade of Innovation and Sustainability" Introduction, work in smaller groups, presentation and discussion (breaks for coffee included).
Facilitators: PhD. Johanna Lindström & PhD. Cecilia Lundberg

16.30     End of the day

Application process

BUP students at the 5th Annual Forum
The BUP students and BUP organizers at the
5th Annual Forum in Turku, 2014.
Photo: Pontus Amrbos

The applications to the students event opens on the September 3rd and closes on October 4 at 23.59 (CET). Each national BUP centre is in charge of selecting the participants based on a set of guidelines. We are strive to create a diverse group with as many member universities represented as possible.

Participants will get a result of their applications at the latest by October 11 2020. Those not accepted will automatically be placed on a waiting list.

Last modified: 2022-08-03