SAIL - Sustainability Applied in International Learning

Sustainability Applied in International Learning (SAIL) is an international conference that has been annually organised by The Baltic University Programme, on board a boat or ship. Several pedagogical methods have been used; lectures, workshops, presentations, reading, data collection etc. The aims of the course have been to:

  • support mobility;
  • strengthen contacts between the universities in the Baltic Sea region;
  • give participants opportunity to gain international experience;
  • further pedagogical skills in an unusual setting;
  • enhance the ability to communicate (and teach) in English;
  • motivate participants to continue to learn and teach about sustainability topics, and
  • motivate an interdisciplinary and international approach in teaching.

Benefits include networking and improving interpersonal skills through tasks performed in teams, crossing nationality, age and professional status. 

The course has been popular, each year the number of applicant students have exceeded by far the number of available places.

The course curriculum

Sustainability, environmental problems including skills and knowledge transfer on the issues facing the Baltic Sea Region have framed the curriculum. The SAIL conference have focused on different areas of sustainability under thematic academic sessions. Lectures, workshops, presentations, reading, data collection and practical duties drive learning outcomes. Participants are sometimes divided into smaller groups to deepen and narrow discussions. Post-sailing assignments are often used.

During the courses the participants have been given all possible means to learn, and explore possibilities for sustainable development. The participants were encouraged to exchange up to date knowledge on sustainability issues in the Baltic Sea Region, and how sustainability issues are implemented in the different countries. Coming from different universities and several countries gives participants a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge, learn and teach about different approaches to the sustainability.

STS Fryderyk Chopin
The cruise usually takes place in the Baltic Sea or adjacent waters. In 2019 the course was held onboard the Polish tall ship STS Fryderyk Chopin and went from Szczecin in Poland to Aalborg in Denmark, 26 June - 3 July.

Life onboard

Onboard all participants act as a working crew. They are expected to work together to fulfil duties, such as cleaning, cooking meals, washing dishes, and maintenance work. In our experience, this is an excellent tool for team building and to create a dynamic learning environment. 

The SAIL experience

Being part of the working crew means in practice that participants of several nationalities will work close together under sometimes harsh conditions. The challenge often made participants develop a strong feeling of cooperation, trust and friendship. In addition, it is a practical and intensive way of learning intercultural communication, the (sea) environment, and sustainability. Practice communicating in English is an added value.

SAIL has offered extraordinary new experiences filled with feelings of togetherness and teamwork, meeting new friends, being close to nature, and exploring new and interesting places. The event has pushed the participants limits to new levels.

Get a glimpse of the life on board

  • Youtube video about BUP SAIL for students.

  • Youtube video about BUP 25 years and sailing with the Pogoria.

Some of the previous SAIL conferences

SAIL for Students 2019
Date: 4 – 16 August
Route: Aarhus - Szczecin

SAIL for Teachers 2019
Date: 26 June - 3 July
Route: Szczecin - Aalborg

SAIL for Students 2018
Date: 4 – 18 September
Route: Szczecin – Visby – Stavanger

SAIL for Teachers 2018
Date: 4 – 11 July
Route: Gothenburg – Sunderland

SAIL for Students 2017
Date: 2 – 16 September
Route: Szczecin - Visby – Edinburgh

SAIL for Teachers 2017
Date: 10 – 17 June
Route: Lisbon - Brest

SAIL for Students 2016
Date: 14 – 28 August
Route: La Coruña – Blyth

SAIL for Teachers 2016
Date: 30 June – 7 July
Route: Stavanger – Antwerp

SAIL for Students 2015
Date: 4 – 18 August
Route: Aalborg – Świnoujście

SAIL for Teachers 2015
Date: 25 June – 2 July
Route: Stavanger - Belfast

SAIL for Students 2014
Date: 18 August – 1 September
Route: Gdynia – Szczecin

SAIL for Teachers 2014
Date: 17 – 24 May
Route: May – Gdyna – Visby - Gdynia

SAIL for Students 2013
Date: 10 - 24 August
Route: Szczecin – Koster – Bergen

SAIL for Teachers 2013
Route: Gdynia – Visby - Gdynia

SAIL for Students 2012
Date: 10 – 27 September
Route: Gdynia – Rönne – Karlshamn – Liepaja - Świnoujście

SAIL for Students 2011
Date: 11 – 26 August
Route: Halmstad – Rönne – Karlshamn – Tallinn - Turku

SAIL for Students 2010
Date: 26 August – 16 September
Route: Bremerhaven - St. Malo – Lisbon - Barcelona

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