Savitri Jetoo one of the Baltic Sea Science Day 2019 Award Winners

The final conference for the Baltic Science Network (BSN) and the CBSS Annual Baltic Sea Science Day was held on the occasion of the centenary of the University of Latvia, in Riga on 22–23 February 2019.

At the conference the Baltic Sea Science Day 2019 Award was presented to Pinja Näkki, Emiliya Popova, Andris Bērziņš and Savitri Jetoo for outstanding contributions to transnational research cooperation within the Baltic Sea Region and promotion of the CBSS Science, Research and Innovation Agenda.

Photo credit: Colortime
The Baltic Sea Science Day 2019 Award Winners, Pinja Näkki, Savitri Jetoo, Emiliya Popova and Andris Bērziņš. Photo credits: Colortime.

Savitri Jetoo, is a currently a researcher at Åbo Akademi University and a former BUP student/teacher. She has worked with governance and law regarding water, sea and lakes for many years, and has published actively on the Baltic Sea and Great Lakes -theme. She has a PhD from McMaster University in Canada, with the dissertation Lessons to inform transboundary governance of the Laurentian Great Lakes. She also has a certificate in international water law from the UNESCO centre in Dundee, Scotland.

Savitri Jetoo received the award for transnational Baltic Sea research and for her comparative work, comparing the Baltic Sea key issues such as eutrophication, with other regions of the world (e.g. Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay). Also, her ability to form networks with scientists in other regions of the world contributed to winning the award.

Credit: Colortime
Paula Lindroos and Savitri Jetoo. Photo credits: Colortime.