Research Notes Letter 1/2019

Welcome to the BUP Research Notes Letter - Research & Innovation for a Sustainable Baltic Sea Region

In issue no. 1/2019 of the Research Notes Newsletter you may find abstracts and links to the following articles:

The role of transformation in learning and education for sustainability
Authors: Walter Leal Filho, S. Raath, B. Lazzarini, et al.

Concentration of Micro- and Macro-Elements in Green and Roasted Coffee: Influence
of Roasting Degree and Risk Assessment for the Consumers

Authors: Július Árvay, Marek Šnirc, Martin Hauptvogl et al.

Experimentalist Governance to Foster Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region: A Focus on the
Turku Process

Author: Savitri Jetoo

Shipping and the environment: Smokestack emissions, scrubbers and unregulated oceanic

Authors: David R. Turner , Ida-Maja Hassellöv, Erik Ytreberg and Anna Rutgersson

Evergreen Issues of planning? Learning from history for sustainable urban-rural systems landscapes
Authors: Madeleine Granvik and Per Hedfors

Defining Terms for Integrated (Multi-Inter-Trans-Disciplinary) Sustainability Research
Authors: Paul Stock and Rob J. F. Burton

Down the black hole: sustaining national socio-technical imaginaries of coal in Poland
Authors: Magdalena Kuchler and Gavin Bridge

Challenges of urban green space management in the face of using inadequate data
Authors: Marcin Feltynowski, Jakub Kronenberg, Tomasz Bergier, Nadja Kabisch,
Edyta Łaszkiewicz and Michael Strohbach

The genetic prehistory of the Baltic Sea region
Authors: Alissa Mittnik, Chuan-Chao Wang, Saskia Pfrengle et al.

New generation EU directives, sustainability, and the role of transnational coordination in Baltic Sea maritime spatial planning
Authors: Björn Hassler, Nerijus Blažauskas, Kira Gee et al.

A transnational and holistic breeding approach is needed for sustainable wheat production in the Baltic Sea region
Authors: Aakash Chawade, Rita Armoniené, Gunilla Berg et al.

Wood production and biodiversity conservation are rival forestry objectives in Europe’s Baltic Sea Region
Authors: Per Angelstam, Vladimir Naumov, Marine Elbakidze et al.

Geopolitics and religion – a mutual and conflictual relationship. Spatial regulation of creed in the Baltic Sea Region
Author: Tomas Lundén

The application of two-dimensional hydrodynamic models for underwater archaeological finds from the Vistula River in Warsaw, Poland
Authors: Hubert Kowalski, Artur Magnuszewski and Artur Radecki-Pawlik

Sustainability performance in the Baltic Sea Region
Authors: Siarhei Manzhynskia, Nikolai Siniak, Alina Źróbek-Różańska and Sabina Źróbek

Winners of the BUP PhD Award 2018

Sustainability for Dinner: An Ethnological Study of how Sustainable Eating is Practised
in Everyday Life

Author: Matilda Marshall

Process retrofitting through Process Intensification: a structured approach
Author: Magda Barecka