Book of Abstracts: 6th BUP PhD Students Training

Book of Abstracts

VI PhD Students Training
25th - 29th November 2018
Rogow, Poland

Oral Presentations

Amanda Lange Salvia
Energy Sustainability: model to assess transformations and contributions to SDG 7

Halyna Lesiuk
Institutional and economic bases of reforming forest governance system in Ukraine

Kateryna Ulianova
Methods of Aircraft Engines Emissions Assessment in Civil Aviation

Joanna Cichowska
Analysis of the influence of polyols as osmotic agents, ultrasound and pulsed electric field on the process of osmotic dehydration and drying of apple tissue

Artem Galushko
Politically Motivated Justice in the Former Soviet Republics: A Comparative Analysis of Selected Trials in Western Europe and in the Former USSR

Susanna Andrashchuk
Foreign trade relations between Belarus and Ukraine: development trends and regulatory features

Nastassia Kisialevich
Methods of commercialization of innovations in the global economy

Tomasz Kotkowski
Investigation of sorption-­desorption processes with use of tyre pyrolysis char

Magdalena Beata Łabowska
Composite biomaterials accelerate wound healing

Iryna Ushchapovska
Linguistic and pragmatic aspects of the brand language: multimodal approach (coffee brands as a case study)

Anna Butsyk 
Detection of Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxins based on biosensor analysis in food products

Tamara Walczak-­Kozłowska
Efficiency of the attentional mechanisms as a predictor of school readiness of children born very prematurely

Katarzyna Kubicka
Dynamics of dead wood in oak-­lime-­hornbeam stands of the Białowieża National Park, E Poland

Dovilė Šorytė
Factors that predict children’s pro-­environmental behavior

Alina Petrovska
Productive forces modernization in the context of green economy development

Katarzyna Dobrowolska
Investigation of atomization process of drugs delivered by inhalation and their influence on transfer processes in the lung liquids

Yaroslav Bezyk
Determination of CO2 and CH4 concentrations and stable carbon isotopic composition in the urban environment: anthropogenic and biogenic effects

Mónica María Umaña Zamora
Revalorisation of agrofood by-­products according to their potential uses: Extraction of compounds of interest by application of power ultrasound

Joanna Żubernik
The influence of the drying method and process parameters on selected indicators of the quality of young barley grass

Jakub Adam Czyżewski
Study of the possibilities of nonconventional methods application to management wastes from fruit-­vegetable industry

Krzysztof Czaderny
How stable are spatial patterns of smoking over time? Lung cancer mortality in historical context

Michał Bialik
The influence of innovative pre-­treatment methods on the drying process and physiochemical parameters of dried kiwiberry (Actinidia arguta)

Kalterina Shulla
Role of Networks in Implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Regional Level

6th BUP PhD Students Training Book of Abstracts