BUP Mobility Research Grant for Young Researchers 2017

The Baltic University Programme Mobility Research Grant for Young Researchers 2017 goes to  Eva Krēmere from University of Latvia, Riga, for her project

“Post-Soviet Countries public attitude toward Food-Water-Energy Nexus: case study of Baltic Countries”

Ms Krēmere has applied to come to Uppsala University’s Programme for Natural Resources and Sustainable Development at the Department of Earth Sciences for two months in autumn 2018 as part of her intended research on post-Soviet countries’ public attitudes toward the Food-Water-Energy Nexus. By applying the Food-Water-Energy Nexus approach to the case of Baltic countries, this project seeks to investigate why there is diminished public interest in sustainable development and river basin planning in the post-Soviet parts of the Baltic Sea Region, as compared to elsewhere. No similar-scale studies using this approach have been done for Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania previously. This project will complement the other case studies using the same Food-Water-Energy Nexus approach in the more water-poor post-Soviet countries of Central Asia that are also included in Ms Krēmere’s PhD research.