BUP Symposium 2020

The aim

The main aim of the BUP symposium 2020 is be a platform where the regional educational and research communities can get together and to get to know each other better as colleagues at Member Universities of The Baltic University Programme. Even in the on-line format, the BUP symposium 2020 is an opportunity to meet fellow colleagues and to disseminate and take part of new knowledge. The symposium is an arena where to start off discussions on research and is an opportunity to get published and spread research in the BUP network.

Background and continuation

The Baltic University Programme started to arrange BUP Rectors conferences in 2006, and since then the issue of how to strengthen research cooperations have been discussed. One of the outcomes of such a discussion, has together with the vision of the BUP Director, Madeleine Granvik led to the organizing of the BUP symposium 2020. 

As the travel and meeting restrictions connected to the Covid-19 put an end to our plans to meet in Visby during the BUP Symposium 2020, we instead moved it on-line. Several Member Universities and colleagues have contributed to making this arrangement a sucess and we therefore want to take advantage of the potential in this interest and true team work and arrange a second symposium. This we hope will be possible to hold in Visby, in August 2021.