Supervisor Collegium

The Supervisor Collegium is an initiative where colleagues contribute with their skills and knowledge to supervise master- and PhD students from participating universities all over the region.

The Supervisor Collegium is a group of colleagues who take on the roles as extra supervisors for students during their PhD- och master-thesis. This is a win-win situation. Both for students who can get a second set of support, but also for supervisors who get to add this to their skillset.

BUP colleagues supporting students

Being a part of the BUP Supervisor Collegium opens up new possibilities for colleagues, but also fills other needs. For example, it gives the possibility to have an overview of who can be an opponent on a thesis, or be a part of the examination committee for a PhD defence. The BUP also plan for seminars and different kinds of learning exchange opportunities within the BUP Supervisor Collegium.

The BUP has two training programs, the PhD Training Program and the Master Thesis Training. The main aim for both of the programs, is to give each student is the possibility to have some extra supervision from an external supervisor when working with their thesis. The interdisciplinary PhD Training Program have been given on an annual basis since 2013. The first Master Thesis Training took place during the spring semester of 2022. The BUP is continuously looking for more supervisors to support both PhD- and master students.

The role of supervisor

In practice, being a part of the Supervisor Collegium would mean displaying your name and contact information along with a short presentation about your research interests. It will be collected in a document that will be available to the BUP that can then use the contact information before our events take place.

Since the start in 1991, the BUP has been working in this way, actively pooling the knowledge of colleagues from the BUP countries and different participating universities and disciplines. Together, we contribute with knowledge to develop projects like these, as well as other projects and research. The BUP hope it is of interest to you, to be a part of an international university co-operation and to be able to share and spread your knowledge in such a context.

More information and contact

To join the Supervisor Collegium please send an email to with the following information:

  • Name
  • Position
  • University
  • Discipline and Research Area (e.g. Political Science: International Security, Democratisation, Democracy and Dictatorship, European Union)
  • Interested in supervising master's students?
  • Interested in supervising PhD students?
  • Possible thesis topics/what are you interested in/what would you like to supervise? (e.g. My research years mainly concern democracies and dictatorships and their relations in international politics and what it is that creates the conditions for democratization processes within authoritarian countries. It also focuses on the role that the European Union can play and plays in security and cooperation.)

We offer everyone that wishes to join the Supervisor Collegium to also be a part of the BUP theme research networks.

If you have any questions, please contact

Last modified: 2022-11-10