Urban-Rural Development

Below are some of the researchers within the Baltic University Programme working with Urban-Rural DevelopmentThe theme is coordinated by a theme coordinator.


Henner BuschLund UniversityDr.
Henner Busch
Lund University

"Communities matter"

Keywords: renewable energy; community energy; environmental justice; energy justice; intermediation; urban climate governance; climate change in video games

Research profile: Henner Busch.


Oleksandra KhalaimUppsala UniversityPhD
Oleksandra Khalaim
Uppsala University

"Sustainable management and inventory of urban green spaces to adapt to extreme heat events in cities of Ukraine and Baltic region"

Keywords: urban green spaces; urban green inventory; climate extremes; heat waves; Baltic region

Research profile: ResearchGate Oleksandra_Khalaim

Daiva Verkulevičiūtė-KriukienėKlaipeda UniversityPhD, Associate Professor
Daiva Verkulevičiūtė-Kriukienė
Klaipeda University

"Territorial features of socio-economic phenomena."

Keywords: population geography: rural geography; depopulation

Research profile: ResearchGate Daiva_Kriukiene

Angelija BucieneKlaipeda UniversityProf. dr.
Angelija Bučienė
Klaipeda University

"Status of rural landscape components and ecosystems quality with focus on their interrelations in the Baltic Sea coastal region."

Keywords: rural landscape; catchment; sub-catchment; land use; sustainability; farming intensity; surface runoff; drainage runoff; nature protected areas

Research profile: Klaipeda University Angelija Bučienė.

Barbora CakovskaSlovak University of Africulture in NitraIng., PhD.
Barbora Čakovská
Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

Keywords: urban agriculture; urban gardening; housing development; allotment gardens

Research profile: ResearchGate Barbora Čakovská

Anna BernaciakPoznan University of Economics and BusinessPhD
Anna Bernaciak
Poznan University of Economics and Business

Keywords: sustainable city; sustainable neighborhood; urban-rural development

Research profile: ResearchGate Anna Bernaciak.

Arnold BernaciakWSB University, PoznanPhD, Associate professor
Arnold Bernaciak
WSB University, Poznan

"The role of various actors in shifting the socio-economic systems towards sustainable development."

Keywords: regional development; urban development; sustainable development; environmental economics; ecological economics; environmental management; leadership; education for sustainable development

Research profile: ResearchGate: Arnold Bernaciak

Hele KiimanUppsala UniversityDr.
Hele Kiiman
Uppsala University

Keywords: Gulf of Finland; forest landscape; land cover; historical maps; island

Madeleine GranvikUppsala University logotypePhD, Associate Professor
Madeleine Granvik
Uppsala University

Keywords: spatial planning; dense planning; agricultural land; sustainable communities; residential areas

Research profile: ResearchGate Madeleine Granvik.

PhD student
Mahsa Shahbandeh
Jagiellonian University, Krakow

Keywords: Landuse, Spatial planning, GIS, Remote sensing, Agricultural land

Research profile: ResearchGate Mahsa Shahbandeh

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