Sustainable Tourism

Below are some of the researchers within the Baltic University Programme working with Sustainable Tourism. The theme is coordinated by a theme coordinator.

BUP theme coordinator

Anette OxenswärdhUppsala UniversitySenior Lecturer
Anette Oxenswärdh
Uppsala University

"Responsible accommodating for sustainable visits"

Keywords: sustainability; accommodation; visitors; collective learning; co-creation; meaning making; sensemaking; responsibility

Research profile: Uppsala University Anette Oxenswärdh.


Photo of Agata Basinska-ZychAssistant ProfessorWSB Poznan logotype
Agata Basińska-Zych
WSB University in Poznan, Poznan

"Health and wellbeing cannot be achieved without sustainable development"

Keywords: health behaviours and wellbeing, sustainable tourism development, tourism and leisure policy, physical activity and leisure, social policy and local development, quality of life, healthy and sustainable cities

Researchprofile: ResearchGate Agata Basińska-Zych

Assistant Professor
Adrian Lubowiecki-Vikuk
Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

"Leisure must be responsible"

Keywords: medical tourism, leisure, management, marketing, consumer bahaviour, consumer social responsibility 

Researchprofile: ResearchGate Adrian Lubowiecki-Vikuk

Klaipeda University logoDiana SaparnieneProfessor
Diana Saparniene
Klaipeda University

"What Tourism Need after 2020 are Sustainability, Innovations and Leadership"

Keywords: Sustainable tourism, innovations and leadership, Tourism research methodology, E-Tourism, Accessible tourism

Daumantas BockusKlaipeda University logoJunior researcher / PhD candidate
Daumantas Bočkus
Klaipeda University

Keywords: Wellness, tourism development, sustainable tourism

Larisa SatyrBila Tserkva National Agrarian UniversityDoctor of Economics, Professor
Larisa Satyr
Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University

Keywords: economic security; sustainability; inbound tourism; outbound tourism; COVID-19

Researchprofile: ResearchGate Larysa_Satyr.

Kaunas University of TechnologyŽivilė StankevičiūtėAssoc. prof. dr.
Živilė Stankevičiūtė
Kaunas University of Technology

Keywords: sustainable human resource management; employee well-being; digital transformation; sustainable business model

Ruslana ZadorozhnaBila Tserkva National Agrarian UniversityPhD, Associate Professor
Ruslana Zadorozhna
Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University

Keywords: inclusive growth; statistics; national accounts; financial economics

Research profile: ResearchGate Ruslana Zadorozhna

Marek NowackiWSB University, PoznanPhD, Hab., Eng., Professor WSB
Marek Nowacki
WSB University in Poznan

"Experiencing Islands - sustainable tourism on Gotland, Bornholm & Wolin"

Keywords: experiences; sustainable tourism; islands; TripAdvisor

Research profile: Google Scholar

Susanna SaariTurku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS)Senior Lecturer
Susanna Saari
Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS)

Keywords: tourism; hospitality & tourism management; corporate sustainability; hotel management; health and wellness

Research profile: LinkedInResearchGate see also Bio and Publications

Elżbieta SzymańskaBialystok University of TechnologyAssociate Professor
Elżbieta Szymańska
Bialystok University of Technology

Keywords: management of innovations; tourism economics; sustainable tourism development; non-governmental organizations management

Research profile

Iga SoleckaWrocław University of Environmental and Life SciencesPhD Candidate
Iga Solecka
Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Keywords: environment; sustainability; sustainable development; spatial analysis; urban planning; environmental management; natural resource management; land use planning; environmental science; landscape ecology

Research profile: ResearchGate

Tomasz NapieralaLodz UniversityAssistant Professor
Tomasz Napierala
University of Lodz

Keywords: tourism planning; sustainable rural development; creative cities; cultural tourism; sustainable tourism; tourism management; tourism development; tourism marketing

Research profile: ResearchGateLinkedInORCID, see also: Tomasz Napierala, Curriculum.

Marta SkorekUniversity of GdanskPhD Candiate
Marta Skorek
University of Gdańsk

"Everyone, everywhere is inextricably connected to and utterly dependent upon the existence of the sea."
Sylvia A. Earle

Keywords: Baltic Sea region; marine space; marine governance; sustainability; ecological literacy; stakeholder engagement; discourse; ecolinguistics

Research profile: Marta Skorek

Azhan HasanUTPLecturer/Researcher
Azhan Hasan
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Research profile: Azhan Hasan

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