Sustainable Societies

Below are some of the researchers within the Baltic University Programme working with Sustainable Societies. The theme is coordinated by a theme coordinator.

BUP theme coordinator

Joakim EkmanSödertörn UniversityProfessor
Joakim Ekman
Södertörn University

"I mainly do research on political developments in the Baltic states and Central and Eastern Europe"

Keywords: public opinion; political participation; democracy; authoritarian regimes


photo of Agata Basinska-ZychAssistant ProfessorWSB poznan logotype
Agata Basińska-Zych 
WSB University in Poznan, Poznan

"health and wellbeing cannot be achieved without sustainable development"

Keywords: health behaviours and wellbeing, sustainable tourism development, tourism and leisure policy, physical activity and leisure, social policy and local development, quality of life, healthy and sustainable cities

Research Profile: ResearchGate Agata Basińska-Zych 

Jaroslaw DzialekJagielloninan UniversityPhD
Jaroslaw Dzialek
Jagiellonian University

"Cultures and climates differ all over the world, but people are the same. They’ll gather in public if you give them a good place to do it." (words by Jan Gehl)

Keywords: sustainable campus; placemaking; sustainable local and regional development; social capital; flood risk management; natural hazards

Research profile: ResearchGate Jaroslaw_Dzialek.

Ildikó Asztalos MorellSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)Associate professor
Ildikó Asztalos Morell
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

Keywords: gender; rural; poverty; migration; food sovereignty; Romani studies; intersectionality; welfare regimes; agriculture; social justice

Research profile: SLU Staff.

University of LatviaAnnija ApsitePhD
Annija Apsīte
University of Latvia

"First there has to be a healthy society to build a healthy economy"

Keywords: work and life balance; sustainability; burnout; job satisfaction

Dorota Kamrovska-ZaluskaGdansk University of TechnologyAssistant Professor PhD., Eng, MArch
Dorota Kamrowska-Zaluska
Gdansk University of Technology

Keywords: Smart sustainble cities; codesign; urban regeneration; data driven urbanism; smart mobility

Research profile: ORCID Dorota Kamrowska-Zaluska.

Olena de Andres GonzalezSatakunta University of Applied SciencesPhD, Project Researcher
Olena de Andres Gonzalez
Satakunta University of Applied Sciences

Keywords: leadership; management; blue economy

Stefan EwertUniversity of GreifswalDr.
Stefan Ewert
University of Greifswald

"Peatland conservation is a crucial aspect of the transformation to sustainability in the Baltic Sea Region."

Keywords: agricultural policy; Baltic Sea region; paludiculture; peatland conservation; transformation to sustainability

Research profile: Google Scholar Stefan Ewert

Bárbara Maria Fritzen GomesHAW - Hamburg University of Applied SciencesPhD Student
Bárbara Maria Fritzen Gomes
HAW - Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

"Business incubators as a SDGs promoter"

Keywords: incubators; SDGs; sustainability; universities; entrepreneurship

Research profile: ResearchGate Barbara_Fritzen_Gomes

Photo of Anna vPhD, Associate ProfessorChernihiv Polytech Nat Uni logotype
Anna Verbytska
Chernihiv Polytechnic National University, Chernihiv

"Local actions - global solutions"

Keywords: social responsibility, social marketing, social entrepreneurship, SDGs

Anna's Research Profile on Linkedin 

PhD Student
Alireza Tabrizikahou
Poznan University of Technology, Poznan

"Keep Going"

Keywords: Energy Management; CO2 Emission Mitigation; Shape Memory Alloys; Smart Materials; Structural Dynamics

Research profile: ResearchGate Alireza Tabrizikahou

Photo of Ruslan GunkoPhD
Ruslan Gunko
Novia University of Applied Sciences, Vaasa

"Transdisciplinarity is the core of changes."

Keywords: people-nature relationships; environmental democracy; sustainable development; climate change mitigation; transdisciplinary approach; citizen science

Photo of Wojciech SzymkucPhD candidate
Wojciech Szymkuc
Poznan University of Technology, Poznan

"Investigating fire behaviour and residual capacity of concrete and concrete-filled tubular columns."

Keywords: structural fire engineering; lightweight concrete; elevated temperature; CFD-FEM; concrete columns

Research profile: ResearchGate Wojciech Szymkuz

Photo of Katarzyna KrasowskaPhDLogo of West Pomeranian University of Technology
Katarzyna Krasowska
West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin

Keywords: Built Environment, Design for All, Architectural Accessibility, Universal Design, Inclusive Design

Research profile: ResearchGate Katarzyna Krasowska

Photo of Joanna HernikAssociate ProfessorLogo of West Pomeranian University of Technology
Joanna Hernik
West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin

"Fusing Business Acumen with Ethical Insight, Marketing Wisdom, and Transformative Education"

Keywords: Business Management, Ethical and Responsible Consumption, Marketing, Effective Teaching

Research profile: ResearchGate Joanna Hernik

Photo of Anna Barwińska-MałajowiczAssociate ProfessorLogo of University of Rzeszow
Anna Barwińska-Małajowicz
University of Rzeszow, Rzeszow

“Research is seeing what everybody else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought.” - Albert Szent-Györgyi

Keywords: International Economics, International Labour Flows, Labour Market, European Union, Regional Economics, Economic Development

Research profile: ResearchGate Anna Barwińska-Małajowicz

Last modified: 2024-02-05