Climate Change

Below are some of the researchers within The Baltic University Programme working with Climate Change. The theme is coordinated by a theme coordinator.

BUP theme coordinator​

​PhD, Associated Professor
Viktor Karamushka
National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv

"Innovations accelerate evolution​"

Keywords: Terrestrial Ecosystems; Ecosystems Services; Bioremediation; Climate Change

Research profile: ResearchGate Viktor Karamushka


Maciej GrzybekDr.Logo Medical University of Gdańsk
Maciej Grzybek
Medical University of Gdańsk

"Most of the species on Earth are parasites" Donald A Windsor

Keywords: parasitology; zoonotic diseases; rodent-borne diseases, emerging pathogens, re-emergigng pathogens; parasites

Research profile:

Małgorzata Grodzińska-JurczakJagiellonian UniversityProfessor
Małgorzata Grodzińska-Jurczak
Jagiellonian University

"My research interest comprises social aspects of nature conservation, management of humans-nature conflicts, social communication, attitudes/perception/behaviour towards environment. Lately, we investigate circular economy of plastic and its effect upon the environment and human-health. Apart from scientific research, I am involved in the science communication and citizen science activities."

Keywords: social aspects of nature protection; science communication; citizen science; circular economy of plastic

Research profile: Jagiellonian University Staff Małgorzata Grodzińska-Jurczak, Prof.

Bila Tserkva National Agrarian UniversitySvetlana HornovskaAssistant
Svetlana Hornovska
Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University

"Agricultural entomology"

Keywords: entomology; insects; sunflower; agriculture; Mordellistena parfuliformis; field; pesticides; ecology; butterfly; wheat

Research profile: ORCID Svetlana Hornovska.

Satakunta University of Applied SciencesMinna Keinänen-ToivolaResearch manager, Ph.D.
Minna Keinänen-Toivola
Satakunta University of Applied Sciences

Franziska WolfHAW Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
Franziska Wolf
HAW Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

"Fostering sustainable mobility in the Baltic Sea region"

Keywords: e-mobility; urban mobility; use cases; capacity-building; replication; upscaling

Maria FalaleevaInternational NGO EKAPRAKTDr.
Maria Falaleeva
International NGO EKAPRAEKT

"Policy support and education for resilience, climate adaptation and urban sustainability."

Keywords: climate policy; climate change adaptation; urban resilience; multilevel governance

Research profile: LinkedIn Maria Falaleeva.

Audrone TelesieneKaunas University of TechnologyProfessor
Audronė Telešienė
Kaunas University of Technology

"Environmental sociologist and social researcher"

Keywords: environmental behavior and attitudes; social research on climate change; environmental and technological risk perceptions; risk communication; sustainable development; welfare studies

Research profile: ORCID Audronė Telešienė.

Jukka KäyhköUniversity of TurkuProfessor
Jukka Käyhkö
University of Turku, Department of Geography and Geology

Keywords: urban climates; transdisciplinary research; resilience; sustainability; global change; subarctic; East Africa

Research profile: ResearchGate Jukka Käyhkö

Farid KarimiPhD, Senior LecturerLogo of University of Jyväskylä
Farid Karimi
University of Jyväskylä

"To tackle climate change, we almost reached a good level of technical know-how, what is missing is political determination!"

Keywords: Energy Transition; Energy Politics; Nord Stream 2; Energy Security; Social Acceptance; Risk Perception; Climate Change; Renewable Energy; Energy Policy; Energy Social Science

Research profile:

Photo of Piotr GradzińskiPhDThe logo of West Pomeranian University of Technology
Piotr Gradziński
West Pomeranian University of Technology

"Let's check something new to discover something new"

Keywords: Architecture; Urban; LCA; BIM; Regenerative design process; Anthropocene

Research profile: ORCID Piotr Gradziński

Photo of Magdalena Joka YildizPhDThe logo of Bialystok University of Technology
Magdalena Joka Yildiz
Bialystok University of Technology

"There always should be a question"

Keywords: waste upcycling; pelletization; pellets to biochar; circular economy in agiculture and food industry; thermal analysis

Research profile: LinkedIn Magdalena Joka Yildiz

Photo of Thaisa Bergamo​PhDThe logo of Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tartu
Thaisa Bergamo
Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tartu

Photo of Zbigniew BohdanowiczPhD candidateThe logo of University of Warsaw
Zbigniew Bohdanowicz
University of Warsaw, Warsaw

"Climate change is only one in a series of consequences of anthropogenic pressure on our planet."

Keywords: climate change; climate education; human-computer interaction; psychology; economics; climate policy

Research profile: ORCID Zbigniew Bohdanowicz

Photo of Ihsanullah SohooPhDThe logo of Linneaus University
Ihsanullah Sohoo
Linnaeus University, Växjö and Kalmar

"Sustainable Built Environment with specialization in Climate impact of forest products."

Keywords: Climate change; Forest products; Carbon sequestration; Life cycle Assessment; Carbon counting

Research profile: LinkedIn Ihsanullah Sohoo

Photo of Olga SozinovaSenior researcherThe logo of Linneaus University
Olga Sozinova
University of Latvia, Riga

"Cooperation is the key."

Keywords: airborne aerosol research; pollen forecasting modelling; aerobiology; climate change

Research profile: ResearchGate Olga Sozinova, ORCiD Olga Sozinova

Last modified: 2023-12-11