The role of higher education in promoting sustainable agriculture

Author: Piotr Prus

Type of publication: Article peer review

Proper education about sustainable farming is essential for future generations of farmers as maintaining sustainable agricultural production requires farmers to have extensive knowledge and practical skills. The aim of the study was to examine the value of the Sustainable Development module in the Agriculture course. The collected data confirmed that the majority of students highly appraised the module. What is more, they were eager to incorporate the ideas of sustainable development in production on their farms.

Prus, P. 2019. The role of higher education in promoting sustainable agriculture. In: Loreta Tauginiené (Ed.) Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics in the Central and Eastern Europe, page 99 - 119. Journal of East European Management Studies (JEEMS) - Special Issue.
DOI 10.5771/9783845298696-99