The development of green care in Poland

Authors: Ryszard Kaminski, Tomasz Marcysiak and Piotr Prus

Type of Publication: Conference proceeding

The article presents research results and evaluation of the pioneering green farms in Poland. The aim of the research was to provide the data which would allow to define the conditions the farms must meet in order to provide green care services, while taking into account the local socio-economical characteristics at the same time. The study involved the qualitative methods such as the free-form interview, and the participant observation (a week-long stay combined with working on the “Kociewie Tuscany” farm). Altogether the authors visited 15 pioneering farms, and conducted 34 interviews with the people who provide green care services, representatives of the authorities and green care beneficiaries. The general conclusions are very positive: without a doubt Poland offers favourable conditions for the growth of green care farms, which are developing successfully. However, a serious concern is looming in the distance which might lessen the enthusiasm of would-be green care farmers: what will happen when the funding of the project has ceased? Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question yet. Currently, however, the major objective is to create the appropriate training schemes and the effective evaluation methods.

Kaminski, R., Marcysiak, T. and Prus, P. 2018. The development of green care in Poland. Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference "ECONOMIC SCIENCE FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT" No 49: 307-315.
DOI 10.22616/ESRD.2018.148