The Assessment of Market Demand for Products Obtained from Primary Wheat Forms with Increased Nutritional Value

Authors: Małgorzata Szczepanek, Piotr Prus and Tomasz Knapowski

Type of publication: Conference proceeding

Maintaining food security means producing foods which are both high-quality and in sufficient quantities. As far as farming production is concerned, maintaining biodiversity is essential for the protection of the natural environment, while allowing for the production of a more diverse high-quality cereal product offer at the same time. The aim of the study was to determine market demand for primary wheat highly-nutritious products such as Spring Indian Dwarf Wheat and Spring Persian Wheat. The empirical data for the study was provided by a survey, which was performed in 2017 on a group of 283 respondents, out of which 143 were customers of traditional grocery shops, and the remaining 140 were customers of organic food fairs. The authors deliberately chose different types of consumers because they tried to compare different product preferences among them. The study revealed that when buying food products, the majority of consumers carefully examined attached labels with nutritional information. What is more, they were willing to buy products obtained from primary wheat forms. Certain differences were observed in feedback provided by members of both groups. Customers who regularly bought organic products were more concerned with the quality of the cereals and they were more willing to buy products with increased nutritional value. Thus, it can be argued that promoting primary wheat types through scientific and introductory studies, as well as the production of high-quality cereal products is beneficial.

Szczepanek, M., Prus, P., Knapowski, T. 2018. The Assessment of Market Demand for Products Obtained from Primary Wheat Forms with Increased Nutritional Value. Proceedings of the 27th International Scientific Conference Agrarian Perspectives XXVII “Food Safety–Food Security (pp. 381-387)
Link: ResearchGate.