Selected Aspects of Developing and Protecting the Landscape of Sepolno Krajenskie Commune

Authors: Slawomir Zawisza, Piotr Prus, and Olga Herman

Type of publication: Conference proceedings

Landscape development is an essential process for adequate area management. Landscape conservation aims at e.g. preserving its important elements, with areas of outstanding natural beauty, continuing traditions, cultural and historic customs and habits related to a place. The objective of the paper was to evaluate the actions taken and investments made so far by the commune in terms of developing and preserving the landscape space and learning the opinions of the commune residents and visitors. The research material was acquired from the analysis of the commune documents and the survey research made in 2017 in a group of 217 respondents. The documents analysed indicate a high level of EU investment co-funding in communes. The surveys have shown that the respondents appreciate the natural qualities of the commune area, however they also point to the threats posed to the attractiveness of the commune. Most of the respondents claimed that there had been an increase in the number of landscape development and protection actions after the integration with the European Union.

Zawisza, Slawomir & Prus, Piotr & Herman, Olga. (2019). Selected aspects of developing and protecting the landscape of Sepolno Krajenskie commune. 252-259. 
DOI 10.22616/ESRD.2019.083