Low-carbon Scenarios Development for Modal Shift in the Chemical Industry

Author: Barbara Ocicka

Open accessType of Publication: Conference proceeding

Supply chain managers have to deal with the performance requirement to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in searching for excellence in green business processes management. The purpose of this article is to examine the perspectives on low-carbon scenarios development for modal shift in the chemical industry. The author outlines main research findings from the Interreg Central Europe ChemMultimodal project realised by 14 partners from 7 countries, among others by Department of Logistics at Warsaw School of Economics in Poland. The project idea is focused on analysing the potential and growth opportunities for multimodal transport usage in chemical supply chain management. Firstly, the objectives, current status and methodology of the project are explained. Then, the results of the research carried out among chemical and logistics companies operating in Poland are discussed. Furthermore, there is recognised that transport modal shift decisions determine changes in supply chain configurations that might be supported by planning and management tools. Consequently, the elements of the ChemMultimodal toolbox are outlined and its potential significance for low-carbon scenarios development is highlighted. As a result, both theoretical and practical implications of the research findings are indicated.

Reference to the article
Ocicka B., Low-carbon Scenarios Development for Modal Shift in the Chemical Industry, MATEC Web of Conferences 134, 00043 (2017).

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