Life strategies of rural inhabitants of unfixed economic function

Authors: T. Marcysiak and P. Prus

Type of publication: Conference proceeding

The aim of the paper was to analyse the occupational attitudes and life strategies of rural residents living in areas that were not in direct impact of urban agglomerations in the context of competitiveness of agricultural sector. The study allowed to define problems of local communities which lived in areas with unstable occupational structure, vague prospects of development, characterized by duration rather than development. To collect the empirical data there were conducted twenty-eight in-depth and narrative interviews with farmers from the Cekcyn municipality with diverse profiles of farming. The study was supplemented with overt participant observation. Farming transformation in the Cekcyn municipality is progressing slowly. Farmers are tentatively developing their activities, being afraid of overinvestment. Some of them are planning to change their line of production. The respondents admitted that apart from the economic one they also need mental support. New information and alternative technologies are in high demand, especially in the areas of poor soil quality, and with scattered farms which lack investment.

Marcysiak, T. and Prus, P. 2017. Life strategies of rural inhabitants of unfixed economic function. Proceedings of the 26th International Conference, 13-15 September 2017 Prague, Czech Republic (pp. 212-218). Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Faculty of Economics and Management.

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