Farmers' opinions about the prospects of family farming development in Poland

Author: Piotr Prus

Type of publication: Conference proceeding

Rural areas are inhabited by a large proportion of Poland’s population, and farming production is responsible for a considerable quota of the country’s economy. The production is characterized by the occurrence of a large number of individual farms. The quality of life of farmers and other country dwellers plays an important role in sustainable farming and this is why measuring of farmers’ satisfaction level, verifying if their production provides them with satisfying income, and defining prospects and development opportunities are so vital. The aim of the study was twofold. The author wanted to check if Polish farmers can see any possibilities of developing their production, and if so, to establish its direction. The data for the study were obtained during 2014 and 2017 and provided by 155 respondents who filled in questionnaires. The study proved that almost half of the farmers were not satisfied with the income they obtained from farming production. At the same time, most of the respondents stressed that they were willing to pursue alternative operations in order to improve their inadequate economic situation.

Prus, P. 2018. Farmers' opinions about the prospects of family farming development in Poland. Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference "ECONOMIC SCIENCE FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT" No 47: 267-274.
DOI 10.22616/ESRD.2018.031